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  • 1. Legal Services
  • 2. Brand name Registration
  • 3. Wealth Management Services
  • 4. Business Partnership Disputes Resolution
  • 5. Legal Help in Personal Data Protection
  • 6. Intellectual Property Services
  • 1. Planning of Joint Venture Agreement
  • 2. Drafting and Reviewing of Shareholder Agreement
  • 3. Debt Recovery and Letter of Demand
  • 4. Audit of Collective Agreement Services in Bangladesh
  • 5. Sales and Purchase Agreement to Draft and Review

Bangladesh is all around perceived as a respectable business center point and furthermore a world-business financial focus. At this time country has a rigid and reasonable legal structure upheld with solid laws and reasonable courts that, business people and financial backers accept, can give their organizations adequate security over their speculations and resources. The issue is regardless of how great the overall set of laws of Bangladesh is, it isn’t something that everyone can get a handle on inside a moderately brief timeframe. The answer for this appalling circumstance is continually outsourcing a firm offering legal types of assistance in Bangladesh that is competent skilled to improve things greatly during your business history in Bangladesh.

Affordable Legal Services

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1. Legal Services


We can acquaint you with generally acclaimed legitimate administration firms in Bangladesh, who we have been working intimately with. Although they will actually want to offer proficient guidance and help with lawful issue. The organizations have helped an incredibly large number of corporate customers to make high worth, complex and multi layered exchanges after that agree with legal jurisdiction just as geological limits work. They posses deep, center way of thinking after that makes them our enduring accomplices in lawful administrations. The organizations are committed and dedicated to giving the best arrangements that are likewise inventive and reasonable.

Due to the time affectability of business and monetary exchanges, they are equipped for conveying first class nature of legitimate help inside the necessary course of events. With their aptitude, experience and center way of thinking, a considerable lot of our customers have been more than once naming them as their lawful consultants.

Authorized organizations are offering legal administrations in Bangladesh work in:

  • 1. Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 2. Energy and Projects
  • 3. Aircraft Purchase and Financing
  • 4. Development and Engineering Disputes
  • 5. Real Estate
  • 6. Real Estate Development
  • 7. Resource and Wealth Management
  • 8. Setting up Business Oversea 

With the proliferation of business interests in Bangladesh and still its adjoining nations, just as the huge development of a global labor force, organizations earnestly need a lawful firm to give help with comprehension, exploring, planning, and dealing with the intricacies in the legitimate issue including work laws and arrangements. The legitimate administrations firms have pools of profoundly respected and generally experienced legal advisors that have fantastic abilities to offer help corresponding to business laws and an expansive scope of legal issues.

Their ability and experience have carried them to an exceptional situation to give you the most important key yet down to earth answers for your issues related with worldwide partnerships and other lawful issue. Their groups are demonstrated to have an excellent of business improvement to quickly comprehend your circumstances and also proposition you with the necessary administrations.

2. Brand name/Trademark Registration


Brand names/Trademarks are images utilized by an organization to recognize their labor and products from others on the lookout. Two corporate symbols often used for this purpose ® and TM with each referring to a different meanings. ® refers to a brand name/trademark enlisted and, subsequently, ensured under brand name laws while TM refers to a brand name not yet enrolled or secured under brand name laws. The brand name/trademark images can be of any structures including extraordinary brands, letters, numerals, words, names, logos, marks, shapes, colors, names, tickets, parts of bundling and a mix of these comparable to certain secured labor and products.Enrolling your brand names/trademark is significant particularly for long haul benefits and on the off chance that you anticipate bringing your business into a greater scale. The following are helped you get by enlisting your brand name:

Quality Assurance
1. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Accordingly the utilization of the brand name infers quality affirmation to your customers or clients. So, it quietly conveys a message to them that you view your business in a serious way and into an expert level and for all that, you are glad for it and all that you have put resources into it.

Legal Rights
2. Legal Rights

Legal Rights

Brand name permits better control and security over your labor and products. In the event that the rights upon the brand name are asserted by at least two gatherings, you have total rights to win the case and to go to court to redress any impersonation or potentially encroachment of your image or great name.

3. Branding


Issues identify with legitimate issue are incline to emerge including the utilization of your labor and also products by approved gatherings that take benefits monetarily from it. Brand name can keep this from occurring and, on the off chance that it happens, also you can document this to the court for searching out security and compensations.

Global Legal Protection
4. Global Legal Protection

Brand name/Trademark you register in Bangladesh will have legal insurance in 100 nations that are signatories to the Nice Convention or through the Protocol System. In this way, your situation in worldwide legal insurance over your brand name is sufficiently able to play in the worldwide trading market.

3. Wealth Management Services


Owning and managing wealth involves significantly even more than meets the eye. Therefore one’s purposes, there is a requirement for appropriate expense arranging and a sound growth strategy. Unfotunetly, not every person knows about this space and most do not have the information and skill required for legal administration.Here, at NetworkBD, we offer high level proficient assistance, joining both monetary and speculation exhortation just as duty administrations and retirement arranging. The assistance is presented through our associated legal advisors who will assist you with expertly dealing with your cash and plan for your family’s requirements at this time.

4. Business Partnership Disputes Resolution


Among the business questions, association debates are the most as well as know kind of business debate. An organization question could be a destructive factor in the regular exercises of the business and also can bomb a business. Among the many reasons that cause a debate, a weak or totally missing organization understanding consistently play the game. A business debate generally surfaces when a business deals with some monetary issue. As such, monetary commitments could be said as the superb impetus for organization debates.In case you’re expecting rough waters with your accomplice, get the best quality lawful guidance at a fixed-charge rate with us. We have the accomplished subsidiary legal advisor after that can assist you with dissolving the questions from an optimistic point of view.

5. Legal Help in Personal Data Protection


Individual information alludes to information about a person who can be distinguished from that information; or from the data joined with whatever other data that is in the ownership of the individual or association holding the data. At last essential individual information incorporates name, address, date of birth, phone numbers, and ledger subtleties. In Bangladesh, overall the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) fosters an information security law that includes various guidelines in administering the assortment, use, disclosure and care of data protection system.

6. Intellectual Property Services


In many organizations, licensed innovation defends something other than a thought or an idea as it ensures veritable business resources. Not at all like actual business resources, for example, PCs or office space, licensed innovation is an assortment of thoughts and ideas. At this time end of the day, it is the responsibility. Intellectual Property (IP) alludes to property (like thought, creation, or cycle) that gets crafted by the human brain or insight just as an application, right, or enlistment identifying with this. Basically, protected innovation implies whatever formation of the human mind [for which selective rights] is perceived.

7. Planning of Joint Venture Agreement


Is it true that you are and your accomplice keen on cooperating on a venture, however not sure how to go with regards to it? NetworkBD has got you covered, and we can assist you with simply that. There are many reasons regarding why at least two individuals would pool their assets together into a joint undertaking and the aftereffects of such a collusion are quite often helpful for the business visionaries included. Certain advantages incorporate having more assets, bigger creation limit, expanded specialized aptitude and more dispersion channels, given the at least two gatherings team up well with each other. Such as endeavors open up entryways for some chances which are beneficial and rewarding. The learn on planning of Joint Venture Agreement and begin that working together towards a commonly useful venture!

8. Sales and Purchase Agreement to Draft and Review


There will come a period where organizations, enormous, medium or as well as little should confront deals and buy arrangement. The deals and buy contract are fundamental to guarantee you and your business are ensured against any accidents and for the motivations behind due steadiness also. Thusly, the fundamental of drafting and investigating of deals and buy understanding is an absolute necessity know for all in all business visionary in the business.

9. Drafting and Reviewing of Shareholder Agreement


Shareholders or stockholders are the greatest players in an organization. Shareholders own no less than one portion of the complete organization stock otherwise called value. In addition an organization, the investors are hugely significant as they are the significant financial backers who subsidized the organization with monetary assistance. Consequently, it’s a given that shareholders have an enormous guardian obligation and assume a crucial part in the makings of an organization and driving it forward.

An investor arrangement isn’t made mandatory by law, yet it is basically that we perceive the importance and the reality of having the said understanding. Assuming you need to get familiar with the specialty of drafting and also reviewing of a shareholder agreement.

10. Debt Recovery and Letter of Demand


At this time NetworkBD, our partners can assist you with your obligation recuperation cycle and issue a Letter of Demand for your sake. However discover our expert and moderate arrangements are the appropriate response. For organizations of all shapes and sizes, also the obligation recuperation measure is extraordinary to every circumstance. You need the legitimate direction and legal guidance to explore your conditions. This will facilitate your recuperation interaction essentially when you have the right group on your side. The prior you recover your debt, earlier the higher the possibilities you don’t need to go to court.

11. Audit of Collective Agreement Services in Bangladesh


Need a review of your collective agreement? This guide traces what this understanding is and how Collective Agreement Services in Bangladesh can help. A Collective Agreement is a notification that is served to the getting party. For instance, when the business or the worker’s guild in Bangladesh has started an aggregate haggling measure, this understanding should be given. The arrangement will be given by the party who needs to begin the dealings.

FAQ For Legal Services in Bangladesh

How can I get a lawyer?

If you need legal assistance please contact NetworkBD as soon as or fill out an application form from the nearest office in your location.If you qualified for our services you will be scheduled to speak with an attorney who will discuss your issue with you. Although If you have any questions about  our application process, please contact us.

Does NetworkBD handle criminal cases?

No, call the local public defender or ask the court to appoint an attorney for you.

When should I seek legal advice?

Accordingly it is impossible to list all the situations in which you should seek legal advice,. So we have listed some common situations when you get legal advice. This list is not exhaustive, and if you have any questions that you think then a lawyer can help you with, contact with us and ask if they can help. Another you should not hesitate to seek your advice. After that you can find programs in your county by checking the legal services links.

How do I find out more about legal services programs?

For more information about each program, click below:

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