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    Protect Your Inventions With Our Easy & Cost-Effective Intellectual Property Services

    Your intangible property may be worth more than your tangible property in the commercial world. Consider your brand name, trademarks, original designs, patents, copyright, software, and any other intellectual property you want to protect in Bangladesh.

    NetworkBD has the necessary knowledge and experience in this industry of intellectual property. When you combine that with our skill and experience assisting customers in securing what is best for them, we will provide you with a solution to ensure that all of your rights are safeguarded.


    Intellectual property protects more than just an idea or a concept in many businesses; it also protects real business assets. Intellectual property, unlike physical business assets like computers or office space, is a collection of ideas and concepts. To put it another way, it’s the ownership of ideas.


    NetworkBD Expert In 4 Types Of Vital Intellectual Property Services

    Intellectual Property (IP) is property (such as an idea, invention, or process) derived from the work of the human mind or intellect, as well as an application, right, or registration relating to it. Intellectual property can be divided into several categories:

    1. Copyright

    The exclusive right of authorship for intellectual property, such as a book, music, scientific publication, or artistic work, is protected by copyright. Because the creator has exclusive rights to modify and exploit the work, the copyright belongs to him or her.

    2. Patents

    A patent is a property right granted by the government to the inventor of an invention. This is intellectual property In other words, a patent gives the patent holder [usually the inventor] the right to prevent others from using the invention. Patents are divided into three categories: utility, design, and plant.

    3. Trademarks

    A trademark is a symbol (usually a word, phrase, symbol, or design) that can be used to distinguish one company’s products or services from those of other companies of intellectual property. 

    4. Business Secrets

    A trade secret is confidential information (a formula, process,  or another piece of business data) that is important to the business, or intellectual property. It’s a term that’s frequently used to describe information with commercial value.

    Profit From Your Own Creations With Our Intellectual Property Services

    Intellectual property, such as patents, copyright, and trademarks, is legally protected, and this legal protection allows people to profit from their own inventions or creations. In this context, intellectual property services refer to services provided or to be provided by the holder of a property right to any individual in connection with that intellectual property right. 


    We founded NetworkBD to focus on our key ideals in trademark and copyright law: putting clients first, communicating directly with clients, and providing world-class legal services and solutions at reasonable pricing. We’ve worked as both in-house and outside counsel for global trademark and copyright owners, as well as in intellectual property boutiques and large general services law firms. We realize the numerous difficulties that clients experience, as well as how aggravating dealing with some law companies can be. NetworkBD has been designed to be more client-friendly and to prevent triggering such annoyances. Over traditional major law firm aims like maximizing profit or growth, we value responsiveness, flexibility, high-quality services, and quality of life (yours and ours).

    Enjoy 3 Benefits of Our IP Services

    This legal field is more intriguing and significant than ever before, thanks to the digital age and the knowledge-based society or intellectual property. At NetworkBD, we stay up to speed on the newest advances in this industry to guarantee that the service we provide you is truly tailored to your needs.


    Despite the fact that intellectual property appears intangible, it is critical to businesses because it can be financially exploited [just like physical property] and sold or licensed. Every company, whether they realize it or not, has intellectual property. Here are some of the reasons why a company would benefit from our intellectual property services.


    1. Keep your inventions and ideas safe.
    2. Licensing your idea will allow you to earn royalties on it.
    3. Take advantage of its intellectual property of it through strategic alliances.


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    We Ensure Intellectual Property Services Both Bangladesh & Internationally

    Network BD, a leading firm in Bangladesh, is one of the country’s leading intellectual property firms, offering a comprehensive range of intellectual property legal services. Trademark, Patent, and Copyright registrations, renewals, and rectifications are among our services. In order to handle matters delicately, Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangladesh requires a great deal of experience. Furthermore, our knowledgeable attorneys provide litigation services for any infringement of intellectual property rights, including issuing and/or responding to legal notices, filing litigation, attending hearings, and so on.


    Our unique combination of global expertise enables us to advise our clients, both in Bangladesh and internationally, on the best strategies for obtaining appropriate trade/service marks, patents, and copyright applications. We also help our clients keep their trademarks, patents, and copyright up to date and protected. This firm’s intellectual property legal services in Bangladesh keep efficient systems in place for conducting intellectual property searches, identifying and prosecuting, and defending third-party registration applications, and monitoring client registrations for renewal and infringement issues.

    We Offer Intellectual Property Services By Following The Legal Rules

    Bangladesh has enacted intellectual property laws to ensure that IPR is respected. In this regard, it has incorporated relevant provisions from international standards.


    The following intellectual property laws have been enacted in Bangladesh:

    1. 2000 Copyright Act (amended in 2005)
    2. 1911 Patent and Design Act
    3. 2009 Trademarks Act
    4. The Geographical Indication (Registration and Protection) Act of 2013 was enacted to protect geographical indications.


    It is critical for businesses of all sizes to safeguard their unique products and services. . If you’re interested in learning more about intellectual property, Network BD has good resources and affiliated lawyers who can help you figure out which protection is best for your company and you can go about getting it. To learn more about intellectual property and how to protect your ideas and inventions, contact us today.

    FAQs For Intellectual Property Services

    How long does a trademark of IP registration last?

    The short answer is 10 years. This one is a bit clever, though. The user must submit a Section 8 Affidavit (Affidavit of Use) between the 5th and 6th year of the original registration and again between the 9th and 10th year. Thereafter, a Section 8 affidavit must be submitted between each subsequent 9th and 10th year for intellectual property. In addition, a Section 9 application (application for renewal) must be submitted between the 9th and 10th year of registration. Each of these periods has a grace period of six months, but that grace period comes with an additional fee.

    Does a patent last forever?

    In most cases of intellectual property a utility patent issued on or after June 8, 1995, will be valid for 20 years (from the date of grant of the patent to 20 years after the date of filing the application). There is an occasional fee to protect the patent from being revoked during this period. Design patents are generally good for 14 years, and there are no maintenance fees.

    How long does a copyright last?

    f the work is copyrighted after 1977, it will remain copyrighted for 70 years after the author’s death (here the term author is used to refer to the person who created the work, whether it be books, poems, paintings, etc.). Exceptions to this rule include work for rent, work published under a pseudonym, or work published anonymously. They will have copyright lasting 95 to 120 years while getting for intellectual property. depending on when they are published The older a work gets, the more copyright rules change.

    Can someone else have a business name similar to mine?

    If another business uses a name like yours that can confuse or mislead customers, you can take legal action in court to ‘pass off’ against them. However, this can be difficult. Better protection is provided by registering your business name as a trademark.If another trader has registered your name, or similar, as a limited company name, you may be able to object to a company name judge, who may order the company to change its name.

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