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    Get Quality Services & On-Time Delivery With Our Legal Services

    Quality services and on-time delivery have always been synonymous with Network BD. Legal services in Bangladesh provided by our legal experts are fully equipped to meet all of your legal needs.


    Our associate legal experts, a full-service commercial law firm, provides the legal services, and they have an excellent track record and complete confidence in their ability to assist you with whatever legal needs you may have. We will be responsible for making all of the necessary arrangements leading up to a personal introduction to our legal experts through legal services in Bangladesh for your peace of mind.


    Why Clients Keep Choosing Our Legal Services?

    Because no one does it better than us when it comes to providing commercially astute and client-centric legal solutions. Our legal services experts are unrivaled when it comes to embracing innovation without sacrificing practicality, and because we understand the urgency and time sensitivity that businesses in Bangladesh face, they are committed to providing quality legal services in Bangladesh within the stipulated timeframe.


    Network BD is made up of a group of people who are dedicated to forming long-term relationships with our clients, and we are extremely proud of how many of them continue to rely on us and our experts for reliable legal advice and services in Bangladesh.

    Our Certified Legal Team Ensure 6 Multi-Tiered Legal Service

    The following are 6 examples of high-value, complex, and multi-tiered legal services and advice:

    • 1.  Acquisitions and mergers
    • 2. Projects and energy
    • 3. Purchase and financing of aircraft
    • 4. Disputes over construction and engineering
    • 5. The real estate market
    • 6. Wealth and asset management

    14 Legal Practices Of Bangladesh Legal Services

    Get the following 14 lists of Bangladeshi corporate and commercial legal practices for which Network BD is well-known among its clients:

    • 1. Disputes of a commercial nature in general
    • 2. Provided protection, business reputation, and crisis management advice to individuals and businesses.
    • 3. Resolving LIBOR disputes.
    • 4. Acting on behalf of the Stock Exchange in relation to a major bank’s conduct.
    • 5. Advising on unfair prejudice claims on behalf of and for minority shareholders in a well-known Bangladeshi group company.
    • 6. In Bangladesh, advising on shareholder/joint venture disputes.
    • 7. Advising on a multi-party dispute involving a number of high-value, complex, and multi-jurisdictional private equity, hedge fund, and asset management disputes subject to confidential arbitration clauses.
    • 8. Experience with post-acquisition corporate disputes, such as breach of warranty.
    • 9. Providing advice on fraud investigations, ACC investigations, and freezing injunctions.
    • 10. Acting in several cases before the High Courts and Lower Courts.
    • 11. Obtaining a freezing injunction and a High Court action for deception in a business sale on behalf of a health care provider.
    • 12. Representing a pharmaceutical company in a dispute over the interpretation of supply-based contracts.
    • 13. Resolving disputes in international development transactions between the employer, contractor, and subcontractor.
    • 14. Proven track record of advising on multi-party litigation. Expertise in BGMEA disputes involving carriers, insurers, exporters, and sellers.

    We will likewise require a refundable security deposit to provide you with the Nominee Director Service. The service can be ended any time at your request. You, however, must choose another Bangladesh resident director to meet the statutory requirement.

    Grow & Protect Your Business With NetworkBD's Legal Advisory Services

    In the context of corporate and commercial legal services in Bangladesh, the firm thoroughly reviews documents, offers advice and counseling, and ensures that companies can communicate freely. The firm’s corporate and commercial legal service wings assemble a team for each specific case based on the needs of the clients in order to achieve the best results within an agreed-upon budget. International trade and law experts work in a lean and efficient manner. We’re proud of not only our track record of success but also the strong and close working relationships we’ve built with our clients, many of whom we advise on a long-term basis to protect their interests in Bangladesh markets.


    1. Network BD is a leading law firm with the best Business Lawyers in Bangladesh and Corporate Lawyers in Bangladesh, as well as a team of Commercial Lawyers in Bangladesh, who work together to provide diversified services in all areas of corporate and commercial law. Our legal advice includes international trade, foreign direct investments, corporate reorganizations and reconstructions, liquidations, trade arrangement and technology transfers, aviation, telecommunications laws, administration, corporate finance, commercial and contract law, business laws, governance, insolvency, partnership, privatization, restructuring, securitization, and other legal issues. In terms of our company law practices, we assist with the formation of businesses as well as all other regulatory compliance issues.


    2. We help domestic and international clients form joint ventures, collaborate, and merge and acquire businesses. All types of commercial agreements and engagements with private and public entities are drafted and/or vetted by us. Corporate secretarial and documentation services are also available to both domestic and foreign entities in Bangladesh.As a leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Network BD advises clients on a wide range of corporate and commercial issues, including but not limited to all aspects of company incorporation, corporate and commercial drafting, and mergers and acquisitions.


    3. We also advise and assist clients with corporate transactions, such as the purchase and sale of stock, the modification of company charter documents, the filing of annual returns, joint ventures, and the winding up of businesses.


    4. We are proud to say that we have expertise in all aspects of such a diverse practice area. Administration, Banking, Commercial Law, Contract, Corporate Finance, Formation & Registration, Governance, Insolvency, Merger & Acquisition, Partnership, Privatization, Public Company, Restructuring, Securitization, Taxation, and Litigation are some of the areas in which we specialize. If you require any additional information or wish to make a request, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


    5. In a wide range of international trade and services matters, from technology to heavy industry to telecommunications, Network BD’s corporate and commercial legal services in Bangladesh represent various foreign and domestic producers, distributors, service suppliers, and trade associations. The firm’s trade lawyers are experts in dealing with corporate and commercial legal services in Bangladesh, and they offer comprehensive advice and assistance on all trade policy issues. 


    6. Network BD’s trade law practice in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has always been a benchmark in terms of scope, as it has assisted companies from all over the world with their trade policy and dispute resolution needs in Bangladesh.

    FAQs For Legal Services

    What can I expect from legal services in NetworkBD?

    You can expect our staff to adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Our lawyers, and the personal lawyers provided by us, must comply with their professional and legal obligations as legal practitioners. We provide a respectful, courteous service and listen to your concerns. We will inform you about the services we offer. We provide a safe environment for you. We respect your privacy and you can access your personal information.

    What happens after I file a claim?

    The NEtworkBD Claims Adjuster will contact you shortly after receiving your claim. It may take four to six weeks for your claim to be fully resolved. This time allows us to conduct a thorough investigation and speak with city departments and employees who may have knowledge or information about your claim.The claims coordinator may see you in person or call you for further questions. Once the claim investigation is completed, we will contact you about the outcome of our investigation.

    What do I do if my claim is denied?

    If you do not agree with the NetworkBD’s resolution of your claim, you can sue in a court of competent jurisdiction.

    What if I need an interpreter?

    If you need an interpreter, let us know when you contact us. When we give you legal information or legal advice, we can arrange an interpreter for free. If you go to court and need an interpreter, ask your legal aid lawyer to make an arrangement. In many cases it will be free.

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