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    Our Strategic Category Management Will Guide You Towards Success

    Your processes, procedures, and business strategies should adapt as your organization’s demands and goals change, and our firm can help you with that. When you’re “leveling up,” pay special attention to the strategic category management function, which is located at the heart of your firm and is becoming increasingly vital to both value generation and strategic development. Whether it’s a strategy and alignment issue, or execution challenges, it appears that category management is a difficult thing to get right and that is why our specialists took every precaution to protect you. We are concerned about more than just the financial gains but we’re also considering the practical advantages of adopting management system.

    Strategic Category Management

    Our Service Will Help You To Expand Your Company

    Developing and implement a plan is a proven technique to help procurement become a value generation center while also supporting long-term business objective. The most frequent supplier management tactics ever used by us in corporation are strategic sourcing and strategic category management. We use a planned and quantifiable project management method to improve a company out come through our services.


    You will learn about strategic category management, which is crucial for firms that deal with retail and handle a large number of products. The method we employ to make a successful purchase of yours and save a considerable amount of money in procurement through that company.

    Core Benefits Of Our Service

    The process of having a clear knowledge of the organization fundamental beliefs and main objectives is part of our strategic category management. They can provide a larger ROI than standard purchasing methods by using this in procurement decisions and it’s also give some more benefits as shown below.

    1. Healthier Performance of Supplier:

    We can assist your organization and deal with the suppliers more effectively and also reduce the time between the start and finish of the process by providing an effective and efficient category management strategy.

    2. Greater Client Satisfaction: 

    If done strategically, category management might assist a new supplier or contract with layers of changes which can result in the clients’ satisfaction because this gives business people a plenty of time to focus on their tasks.

    3. Better Supplier Relationship: 

    Our strategic category management solution allows you to build relationships inside the organization hierarchy and the coordination at the highest level facilitates, while the delegation occurs at a particular level.

    4.  Relation with Category Manager:  

    A category manager is solely responsible for all things related to a certain contract and service. We would also be able to assist you with these concerns and this would provide clients with value-based services to meet their demands.

    5. Better Insights Into Spending: 

    Category management may be characterize as a parallel process that serves as the foundation for strategic sourcing initiatives. However, this is only feasible if it is completed quickly and thoroughly, as our experts do.

    6. Accessible Data:

    Our category management service gathered items into logical category and managed them as independent business units with their own aims, roles, and also strategies – you may specify any data linked with the category and make it more accessible.

    7. Improve buying consistency:

    Our company category management experts can help you optimize and increase your purchasing consistency and this will be true whether you are a retailer or a supplier. So we can say its a both parties profit.

    8. Reduce Cost for Data Errors:

    By merging different data sources and employing data extraction and transformation technology and also processes that frequently eliminate the need for human participation, the Eicra Soft Ltd. solution reduces the possibility of these mistakes and let it happen finely.

    Why Companies Implement Category Management Strategies 

    The strategic class management solution from Eicra takes a pro active rather than reactive approach to sourcing, procurement through that company.


    The company is given additional insight into the aspects that may influence the pricing of a service or commodity. Due to a comprehensive grasp of spend class and the capacity to combat waste, duplication, maverick, and out of control expenditure, the manager is position to elevate procurement as a trusted and valued business partner.


    Our service also gives you more power to prioritize and strategize, giving you more influence to negotiate cheaper prices and also better service quality from suppliers. Processes can become isolate and also have their own strategy.

    The Services We Offer For This Sector

    1. Market Analysis:  The market analysis is done by our experts to find out the right strategy of category management and also keep updated. The best use custom structure model for the maintenance and also the process.

    2. Contract Management: Eicra provides continuous support  for doing the contract management to do the category management services. As this is a crucial process so we handle it with much care. 

    3. Category Planning: The class planning is a core service of our company and only when the category planning is done perfectly only then the management runs well and always remember weak category planning can ruin your success.

    4. Management of Performance:  Our experts of Eicra assists business to maintain the strategic category management and also we believe in continuous improvement, by reducing the risks. 

    5. Team management and leadership: We have the experts with great leadership skills and managing skills. Clients do not get chance to complain regarding the management because of our proficiency in this sector.

    6. Savings and Compliances: With Eicra’s savings and compliance monitoring services, you’ll have access to a fully configurable procurement dashboard that tells you how much money you’ve saved.

    Our Expertise On Strategical Category Management: 

    1. Analyse continuously and re arrange.
    2. End-to end process.
    3. Also Includes supplier management program.
    4. Supplier Development is key.
    5. Includes demand management.
    6. Fully supply chain input and also managed.

    What Our Strategies Help you With

    Our strategical category management service helps you to catches the following:

    1. The industry techniques nd best category practice.
    2. Updated market intelligence of commodities.
    3. Continuous monitoring on performance of the real time.
    4. Also Improvement  of the compliance .
    5. Contract of the  evaluations that are pro active.
    6. Annual reduction of cost that are consistent.
    7. Tracking on live savings predicted and also realized.

    FAQs For Strategic Category Management Services

    Is it possible to purchase your category management service for any business?

    Eicra Soft Ltd. has created a strong guide to buy the service for any business. The information is long, but can provide some valuable points of interest for anyone looking for an answer. We consider your every issues with equal importance either for a small or build business.

    Do I need a category plan to be successful in strategic category management?

    Our main focus is creating a strong plan. This plan provides you with a great foundation for your class management as well as helps you explain your ideas / products / services  for supply chain management.

    What is the process your company follows for strategic category management ?

    1. Explanation
    2. Updated Market Analysis.
    3. Also Analysis on spend.
    4. Tracking on improvement.
    5. Continuous application.

    Among many process this is one of the process our company follows for giving the service.

    Where can I contact you?

    We are active on every social media program to answer your queries without any delay. Hence We are sensitive on mails and calls. Our customer service is open for 24/7.  So you can contact in any way we will try to reach you without any delay.

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