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Make A Successful Career By Starting A Maid Agency With NetworkBD

As Bangladeshis get busy and busier, the need for cleaning services has increased enormously. As a result, if you’ve been considering starting a maid agency in Bangladesh, you’re in luck. NetworkBD helps you to start your business successfully in Bangladesh. Professional cleaners are in high demand, not only from individuals but also from corporations. People require a well-established, skilled, and dependable housekeeping service. We help you to start a maid agency Services In Bangladesh.


Bangladeshis are beginning to outsource their cleaning jobs and housework to professionals for a variety of reasons. For one thing, professional cleaners are likely to do a better job than you would, especially if you’re in a hurry or pressured for time. It is also far less expensive to hire a maid through a maid agency than to hire a full-time maid. One of the many reasons why opening a maid agency has grown so popular is because of this.

Maid Agency in Bangladesh

The Future Of Starting A Maid Agency in Bangladesh!

A maid agency is not the same as an employment agency, despite the fact that the two are frequently confused. The distinctions between the two are seen in the services provided. People benefit from maid services since they help them with their household responsibilities and cleaning duties. Clients contact these agencies to request cleaning, and the agencies respond by dispatching cleaners to the client’s location.


Maid agencies provide services that are tailored to the demands of their clients. Large corporations, for example, may necessitate more thorough cleaning than a typical family. Agencies might charge per hour, but you can also offer discount packages for bulk orders to entice clients to sign up for multiple projects with you. One of your maid agency’s selling advantages is the convenience you provide to customers. Your consumers can arrange your cleaning services according to their schedule and at a time that is convenient for them.


One of the most important jobs of a maid agency is to handpick the best ladies. Before you send these people to your clients, you should make sure they are trustworthy. This will reduce the risks of gaining a bad reputation as a result of poor behavior. You don’t want your company to be connected with anything negative, especially in such a competitive market.

In 8 Effective Ways NetworkBD Helps You Start Your Maid Agency Legally

1. Take a look at your previous recruiting experience:


Strengthen your recruitment abilities, get experience, grasp recruitment techniques, and improve your financial setup before opening an agency.


2. Legislation pertaining to agencies:


If a business license is required, it will be determined. Advertisements for job positions are put on hold due to corporate tax rules. For your own safety, look up the legislation pertaining to insurance.


3. Choose a location for your business:


You’ll need to find a professional accessible site to improve access for your clients and applications.


4. Register the business:


To open a maid agency, you must first apply for a business license. There are two types of codes: one for headhunting agencies and the other for business activities. Since you’re dealing with agency registration, go with the first.


5. Office for business:


Establish a functioning business office where people may contact you and candidates can choose from your available office space based on their budget and needs.


6. Apply for an agency license:


It is mandatory for all employment agencies and organizations that participate in employment agency activities to communicate with all job candidates who require a security bond.


7. Taxation registration:


Because the services provided by the agencies are taxable at a rate of 12%, the agencies must register for service tax. Small businesses that provide services worth less than 10 lakhs per year are exempt from paying the service tax. ESI registration may be required in specific cases.


8. Obtaining a registration number from the Ministry of Bangladesh Affairs:


If the agency is engaged in or intends to engage in business involving overseas employment, it must be registered. As a recruiting agent, the application must be submitted to the concerned office of Bangladesh affairs.

Get More Credibility By Starting Your Agency With NetworkBD

After you’ve completed the market analysis, you may start working on a draft business plan. How your maid agency will operate, your target market, the services provided – if you solely supply live-in maids or hourly maids, the platform you will use to interact with consumers – online or walk-in, investment start-up, and so on. The business strategy should preferably encompass a period of at least five years. You might even come up with a company name, a brand name for your maid agency, and a logo while you’re at it. It’s time to incorporate your business after you’ve given it some thought. You must now determine which business code best suits your services. One code is for headhunting and recruitment agencies, while the other is for business activity.


Even if you believe your service does not necessitate a large amount of office space, Indian law requires it. Obtain a license for your agency so that customers will have more confidence in you. You can start employing the people you need once your license has been authorized. If you’re ready to start a maid agency, we’re here to assist you. Contact NetworkBD today for more information on how to start a maid agency business in Bangladesh.

FAQs For Start A Maid Agency in Bangladesh


When are you able to provide service?

NetworkBD’s Maid Services is happy to provide service every other week, once a month, or once a week based on your requirements. You can also request housecleaning services for special events as well as assistance with moving out and moving in. Because we operate on a no-contract basis, you can update or change your cleaning plan as needed to fit your busy schedule, budget, and cleaning requirements.

What are your competitive rates?

We are known for being affordable and flexible. There are some cleaning companies that offer lower rates since they don’t cover liability insurance or workers compensation. Our Maid Services are proud to offer these benefits, which ensure our customers’ peace of mind while still offering competitive prices.

Do you have any tips for sharing your experience with NetworkBD's maid services?

Our NetworkBD’s Maid Services website is a great place to share your thoughts about our services, or you can directly contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

How can I trust NetworkBD's maid services?

Our professional housekeeping services include the employment of residential housekeepers who take great pride in providing the best cleaning available. We thoroughly train each member of our team on every step of our detailed cleaning plans after they undergo a thorough background check. We also provide a 24-hour warranty on all of our work. There are many reasons why customers trust NetworkBD’s Maid Services.


Therefore, it keeps your staff productive without requiring them to focus on too many time-consuming duties. Also, it prevents you from hiring and training additional employees.

Get Legal License For Your Dream Agency Without Hassle At An Affordable Price

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