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Adopt More Digital Technologies Securely With Security Industry Digital Plans

The Security Industry Digital Plan (IDP) is aligned to the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and the Small and Medium Business Go Digital initiative, which is designed to make going digital easy for SMEs. This document provides SMEs in the Security sector with practical guidance on how to adopt digital solutions to achieve their growth targets.


The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) developed the Security Industry Development Plan (IDP) with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the industry. The IDP will be updated as the industry progresses and as newer, more relevant technologies become available. NetworkBD is your trustworthy partner that ensures your all requirements on security industry digital plan.

Security Industry Digital Plan

Why SMEs Come Into Contact With Industry Digital Plan?

The security sector primarily focuses on providing security systems and personnel to safeguard people, property, and locations. Security can take the form of manned security guards who safeguard people and property, or security systems such as CCTV, fire alarms, and access control systems. They can also be physical security devices such as grills, locks, or gates.


With technical improvements and the rise of cybercrime, cybersecurity has become a requirement to avoid data theft in recent years. The security business has been confronted with issues such as growing costs and a scarcity of competent personnel. People who are educated and skilled believe that the security industry offers insufficient opportunities for advancement. To keep up with changing needs, retain people, and stay competitive, the security business must incorporate digital solutions. As a result, all SMEs in Bangladesh benefit from the company’s brand. Only with suitable security industry digital planning is this possible.

Special Benefits Of Security Industry Digital Plans

The SMEs Go Digital Plan, which comprises the following components, intends to give SMEs step-by-step advice on the path to digitalization:


1. The Digital Roadmap will assess your digital readiness and teach you how to use technology.


2. Provide assistance to SMEs at all levels of their digital transformation.


3. Digital solutions that have been pre-approved to assist you in achieving your digital goals.


4. Participation in projects led by industry thought leaders.


5. Project management services to boost productivity and make the most of available resources.

Our Core Process On Digital Roadmap For Security Industry Digital Plan

The Digital Roadmap of the IDP can be used as a guide to assess your digital readiness, identify opportunities for going digital, and increase employees’ digital skills.


1. Business Diagnosis: 


The SME Centre’s business advisers can diagnose your business more comprehensively and offer advice related to digital solutions.


2. Consulting services: 


SME Centre advisors refer SMEs who need specialized expertise on advanced digital solutions to SME Digital Tech Hub consultants.


The Security Industry Digital Plans require that security personnel become proficient in digital skills. There are numerous roles played by security officers, chief security officers, and/or security supervisors. Here are two courses we will offer:


1. Basic Tech Skills: 


This course was created to meet the needs of security personnel who use simple apps and have limited digital skill sets.


2. Technical Advanced Courses: 


These courses are designed to provide security professionals with higher-level digital skills so that they can supervise and manage security activities using digital solutions.

Get Simplified Pre-Approved Solutions


Security IDP provided by IMDA provides SMEs with a list of preapproved solutions that have been evaluated to be market-proven, cost-effective, and supported by reliable vendors so they can easily implement them. You can contact pre-approved solution providers through GoBusiness Gov Assist.


The Best Productivity Solutions Grant


The Business Grants Portal offers the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to SMEs requiring funding for pre-approved solutions before they purchase and implement digital solutions.

The Bottom Lilne


The writings on this site provide readers with insights, analysis, case studies, and advice on how they can grow their small and medium businesses in this ever-changing, competitive, and challenging environment.

FAQs For Security Industry Digital Plan

1. What Does It Cost To Use Your Services?

The cost of services is determined by a variety of factors. Contributions include the number of hours, location, and specific duties. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your specific needs.

2. Do you know how much experience the company has with clients like you?

You should choose a security company that has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the environment in which you operate as well as the processes necessary to protect your assets. If you are considering working with a particular company, you should ask for references.

3. What is the frequency of employee training at the security company?

It is essential to determine whether the security firm offers its employees consistent training and development. Maintaining current with new technology and legislation will ensure the company stays relevant in the industry. The commitment to employee skills demonstrates the company’s high level of professionalism and demonstrates its passion for providing excellent service.

4. Does your security company have a license?

Yes, I do. Our company is licensed.

5. What are the steps for signing off on a contract or work order?

We will ask you to complete a form and fax us a signed copy. We can also receive your work order as an email attachment.

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