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Setup Cement Business in Bangladesh Efficiently

Are you seeking to setup a cement business in Bangladesh but don’t know how to start? Don’t worry NetworkBD is the reliable firm that helps you to setup a cement business successfully.


Cement Business in Bangladesh is becoming quickly due a few multibillions amount infrastructural development projects, which incorporates Biggest Padma Bridge, Dohazari Cox Bazar Gundum Railway, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plants, Matarbari Power Plants, Metro-Rail and Payra ocean port & so on attempted by government combined with an expansion of urbanization, land business and other private development in the country. The mega projects of the public authority incorporate Bangladesh’s cement industry is as of now the 41st biggest market in the world. Cement has become a significant product thing of Bangladesh. Many cement organizations are sending out their items worldwide and have gained a decent situation in the worldwide market competition.  So if you setup a cement business in Bangladesh there is a bright future to develop your company.


Get Legal Registration For Starting A Cement Business

In Bangladesh, on the off chance that somebody tries to setup a cement business manufacturing processing plant, the equivalent should be possible by consolidating a limited responsibility organization. NetworkBD gives legal assessment to the customers, comparable to ramifications of laws and their effect in different issues which empowers them to make enlightening business strides by thinking about the legal perspective. 

The System of Setting Up An Organization Are As Below

  1. Get the Name Clear Certificate from RJSC. 
  2. Drafting the required documents. 
  3. Open the ledger for Bangladeshi Company & transmit offer capital measure of foreign investor to the local organization financial balance (not needed for local investors). 
  4. Receive encashment document from Bank for the foreign investor settlement in the capital of the organization (not needed for local investors). 
  5. Submit the necessary report along with the encashment endorsement (if fundamental) and the public authority expenses. 
  6. The RJSC will check the records and give the Certificate of Incorporation

Following Documents Need To Setup A Cement Business

  1. Copies of National Identity Card (NID) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Photos (Passport size) of the relative multitude of chiefs and investors; be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of foreign chiefs and investors just copy of their Passport and Photos (Passport size) is adequate. 
  2. Bank Encashment Certificate as for each foreign investor/s. 
  3. Signed Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for the proposed organization; 

Get General Licenses For Your Business Without Hassle

TIN Certificate – In request to get the testament, a web-based application should be made after the organization has been properly shaped. Moreover, a local telephone number and enlisted office address are needed to finish the application. 


Trade License: The application should be made, alongside the suitable government expenses, to the pertinent city partnership office alongside the organization reports and the rent/lease deed of the workplace space of the Company. Elements that will work in the business area and the substances which will work in the modern areas will need to apply for business Trade licenses and modern Trade licenses separately. 


VAT certificate: The application should be made through internet-based gateway along, with Company records. 

The 12 List of Records Need For The Cement Factory License Application

  1. Copy of Trade License (where applies)
  2. Lease arrangement (where applies)
  3. Copy of National ID card of the proprietor/overseeing chief/CEO/director)
  4. Demand notes of power (where applies)
  5. Memorandum of article/arrangement of association (where applies) 
  6. Copy of Factory Layout Approval (where applies)
  7. The copy of Building Plan Approval by the local authority 
  8. Original copy of Treasury Challan 
  9. Copy of Main License (where applies)
  10. List of work or representatives of the factory or foundation (where applies)
  11. Fire License 
  12. Commodity Registration Certificate (ERC) and Import Registration Certificate (IRC) 

To acquire IRC or ERC, the method is the same, it is needed to gather IRC Form from the Office of Chief Controller of Import and Export and present the necessary records to the Office of CCI&E. 


Most Required documents:


  1. Trade License 
  2. Membership Certificate from perceived Chamber/Trade Association
  3. Tax Identification Number 
  4. Bank Certificate
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation (if there should be an occurrence of Limited Company). 

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Guidelines

The BSTI Catalog 2018 states that cement is one of the compulsory 166 items which requires BSTI’s affirmation prior to advertising something similar in the local market. To utilize the Standard Mark of BSTI, one needs to acquire the Certification of Marks (CM) License. The strategies are given below: 


  1. Apply in the recommended structure to the BSTI alongside important documents for acquiring the CM license. 
  2. BSTI will examine the application and the important significant papers. 
  3. If the examination report is discovered good, then, at that point, tests are gathered on irregular premises and those are mutually marked and fixed by the BSTI Officer and the maker. 
  4. The gathered example is tried in the BSTI Laboratory or some other research center supported by BSTI as indicated by the important Bangladesh Standard (BDS) 
  5. If the consequences of the test boundaries are found in similarity with the pertinent BDS. a license is allowed for that article. 
  6. Normally a license is allowed for a time of three years, which is being reestablished, if the examples are discovered agreeable in the wake of following a similar strategy as has been depicted in sync (2) and (5), for an ensuing time of an additional three years. 
  7. A license is to pay expenses for BSTI which is known as CM charge. 
  8. A license conceded for all articles can be dropped, denied whenever in case it is tracked down that license has disregarded any of the conditions determined in the license and BSTI Ordinance too. 

Why Start Your Cement Business With NetworkBD?

NetworkBD, as a full help law office, gives a wide range of legal and financial services with its accomplished and talented teams. 


NetworkBD offers the types of assistance for the foundation of elements, for example, sole ownership, organization business, and additionally limited obligation organization, in Bangladesh, and acquiring the necessary licenses from the significant government authority. The services incorporate drafting important records, frames and giving the list and methodology of the necessary documents and in this manner record the application with the pertinent reports to the significant government office and liaising with them all through the confirmation interaction and get the fundamental guaranteed documents. 


The elements, as referenced above, requires the drafting of different sorts of arrangements, as like, seller, business, establishments understanding, which are needed to be drafted according to the relevant laws of Bangladesh and at the protected time is needed to safe gatekeeper their advantage to utilizing these arrangements for their approval corresponding to any future disputes. 


NetworkBD gives legal assessment to the customers, comparable to ramifications of laws and their effect in different issues which empowers them to make enlightening business strides by thinking about the legal perspective. 


Furthermore, NetworkBD additionally gives due constancy report to the intrigued customers for their elements which banners out every one of the legal prerequisites which are needed to be followed and furthermore non – compliances, if any, which should be fixed. 


NetworkBD has an extremely amazing prosecution group that helps and address the customers to defend/document debates at court or councils corresponding to a wide range of litigation.

Ensuring Fastest Business Setup Process For Decades

The cement area has been developing at the consistent rate in the new past due a quick expansion sought after in both local and worldwide market. It likewise can possibly expand its pieces of the pie in the worldwide market. 


Because of Corona Virus Pandemic the business is dealing with difficult issue because of the lockdown measure taken by the public authority to diminish the spread of the infection. This has hampered both local and the global business of the business as both the local production lines and the boundaries are shut down.

FAQs For Setup Cement Business

What is the profit margin of a cement company?

While the price at which dealers purchase cement from manufacturers is set, the price at which they sell it to builders, contractors, and consumers is up to them. Cement dealers often make an 8-10 percent profit on the retail price they sell to end-users. So you can setup a cement business in Bangladesh.

How Is Cement Manufactured?

The Cement Manufacturing Process Has 3 Stages: 

  • 1. Extraction of limestone from the mines 
  • 2. Pounding of clinker with gypsum to frame concrete 
  • 3. At long last, putting away it in storehouses, testing, and dispatch 

How Might Cement Be Stored?

Legal capacity of concrete allows simple access for examination and recognizable proof. Concrete ought to be put away in reasonable climate tight designs to shield it from dampness. It should not be heaped higher than ten packs in a stack and must be masterminded in header and cot design beyond what many would consider possible. While eliminating the packs for use, the “First in, first out” rule should to be applied.

Is concrete a good business to start?

Starting a small concrete business is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of entrepreneurship. This type of business can be established with a small amount of money and can grow into a major corporation.

Be Successful Within A Very Short Time