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    NetworkBD is the No.1 Firm For Glass Business Setup

    Glass is an inorganic strong material, which is hard, weak materials, normally transparent or clear, utilized in a wide variety of utilizations in our regular routines. Glass is made of standard and ample natural materials, like silica/white sand, soft drink debris and limestone. These materials are softened at an extremely high temperature to create glass materials, for example, treated, level, sheet, Laminates, wired and so on which are utilized to make mirrors, drinking holders, containers, bulb, windows/doors bottle and different articles. If you think about to start a Glass Business then come to us. We’ll help you to Setup Glass Business in Bangladesh.


    Glass manufacturing industries in Bangladesh delivers to convey quality items with a serious cost. The main core materials for glass manufacturing are accessible and, in this way, just little piece of unrefined component must be imported from outside. This makes glass, most value expansion to the modern area in Bangladesh. Also, a huge amount of foreign trade is acquired by sending out great glass items to Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern nations. Lately, the interest of buoy glass has also expanded definitely because of out-of-control urbanization and industrialization. Bangladesh right now creates large amount of glass each month and a small amount is being imported to satisfy the local demand.


    Here Is The Best Procedure To Setup Glass Business

    Bangladesh has kept on being an attractive objective for foreign organizations to work together because of its lower creation cost, accessible assets, developing requests, geological area and work wage contrasted with other Asian nations. Also, the interest for crystal is expanding consistently with changes in ways of life of individuals. As of late, new structures, lodgings, cafés are being developed which are generally made of glass, which is raising the interest for glass work step by step in the country. 


    To get the eyes of the foreign investor the Government of Bangladesh has built up a few dedicated Export Processing Zones (EPZ) under the Bangladesh Export Zones Processing Authority. The primary reason for setting up these zones is to give the important offices to begin the business in a solitary with every necessary office, like utility association, required land, office space and so forth Other than these, the investor of EPZ regions additionally qualified for partake in some other tax breaks and motivations. Besides, there are also some dedicated economic zones (EZ) under both private and government the board. A portion of the EZs is distributed to a specific field of business or investor from specific nations. The vital rules in this viewpoint are The Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act 1980 and Bangladesh Economic Zones Act 2010. 

    Take Authentic License And Registration Procedure With NetworkBD

    In Bangladesh, glass industry business can be worked through forming an organization: 


    An organization appropriately enlisted in Bangladesh might participate in any business exercises according to the Object Clause of the Company, set out in the Memorandum of Association of the Company. In Bangladesh, an organization can be either open or private. To frame a public organization least seven investors will be required. Then again least two investors are important to incorporation a private company. Private company can’t any issue greeting to the general population to buy in for its portions, while, public organization can offer overall population to secure its portions. By and by, privately company is the most well-known type of organization to foreign and local business people. For foreign direct speculation, there is no restriction relating to foreign value interest, for example 100% foreign value is license. Foreign speculation appreciates full assurance and security in Bangladesh, as other Locally Invested Companies. The laws of Bangladesh ensure non-biased treatment among foreign and local speculation, and bringing home of continues from deals of offers and benefit. 

    Our 8 Effective Steps To Follow To Forming Company

    1. A Name Clearance for the proposed Company should be acquired from Registrar of Incorporate Stock and Companies. 
    2. Drafting and marking the following: 

                 A. Memorandum & Articles of Association

                 B. Declaration on Registration of organization

                 C. Notice Of Situation of Registered Office

                 D. Consent of directors to act 

                 E. List of Personal Consenting to be Directors 

                 F. Particulars of the directors, director and overseeing specialists


    1. Opening a brief financial balance for the Proposed Company in any booked Bank in Bangladesh
    2. Remit the paid-up capital sum from the record of each foreign investors to the Bank Account of the Proposed Company in Bangladesh 
    3. Obtain encashment authentication for each foreign exchanges from the Bank of the Proposed Company
    4. Submit all the needed to the Company House 
    5. Pay the Govt charges for the registration
    6. Get the registration declaration from the Company House 

    13 Required Documents For Forming Glass Business Company:

    1. Copy of Valid Name Clearance for the proposed organization 
    2. Executed duplicate of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
    3. Declaration on Registration of Company  
    4. Notice of Situation of Registered Office 
    5. Consent of directors to act 
    6. List of Personal Consenting to be Directors  
    7. Particulars of the directors, director and overseeing specialists 
    8. Copies of National ID of investors and directors (for Bangladeshi Nationals) 
    9. Copies of TIN Certificate of investors and directors (for Bangladeshi Nationals) 
    10. Copies of identification of investors and directors (for Foreign Nationals) 
    11. Passport size photographs of investors and directors 
    12. Bank Encashment Certificate concerning each foreign investor  
    13. Receipt of installment of the administrative fees 

    The 12 Additional Licenses Needed

    1. Trade License 
    2. TIN Certificate 
    3. VAT Registration Certificate 
    4. Registration of Industrial Investment Project
    5. Factory Layout Approval
    6. License of Factory
    7. Membership Certificate 
    8. Import Registration Certificate (appropriate for Import Business) 
    9. Export Registration Certificate (appropriate for Export Business)
    10. Environment Clearance Certificate
    11. Fire License
    12. Registration of Trademark

    NetworkBD & Its Core Services In Glass Businesses

    NetworkBD, is a full of service corporate law office, which expects to offer a far-reaching scope of services to the customers as opposed to zeroing in on only one explicit space of law. It is one of the biggest and all-around rumored law offices in Bangladesh offering customers, legal guidance that addresses issues and assumptions for both homegrown and international customers. NetworkBD gives all scope of services identified with Company Incorporating, Sole Proprietorship business, Partnership Business’s Foreign Company Registration and so on NetworkBD law office has legal specialists who can guarantee smooth legal interaction and help with acquiring Certificates or License required for Company Incorporation, like VAT Certificate, IRC/ERC, Name Clearance, Factory/Fire/Environmental License, TIN, Trade License and different sorts of certificates. 

    Learn Our Impact On Glass Businesses In Bangladesh

    The services NetworkBD can give are as per the following:


    1. NetworkBD has a phenomenal and skilled group who can continue in setting up glass business easily and proficiently. The legal counselors of NetworkBD can help the customers through interviews and gatherings and give them rules on a business incorporation. 
    2. In request to incorporate any sort of business, a few deeds, arrangements and records are needed to be drafted. NetworkBD legal team can help the customers in getting ready and drafting those reports. 
    3. In request to set up a business element, it is fundamental to choose a reasonable land first. NetworkBD can offer support to the customer via looking for an ideal area for business foundation for the customer. Also, NetworkBD can help with drafting lease understanding, Land verifying from individual land registry office, groundwork for acquisition of land including registration and so on
    4. NetworkBD can also help with making important installments of Government fees to the concerned position, like BIDA or RJSC and liaise with them to acquire applicable archives for business consolidation. NetworkBD, legal specialists have great working connection with government workplaces; which makes it simpler to acquire any certificate/license. 
    5. In order to incorporate a business, some of the time Trademark/Copyright/Patent registration is needed for getting security against encroachment, to enhance the organization and to fortify legal assurance. NetworkBD helps its customers by acquiring enlistment for 
    6. Brand name/Copyright/Patent from the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT) and hence getting the organization’s legal insurance. 
    7. NetworkBD also offers types of assistance of acquiring or reestablishing any kind of License, for leading glass business, a few licenses are needed to be gotten. NetworkBD legal group can help with getting those licenses and if important, reestablish them at the perfect opportunity. 
    8. NetworkBD offers types of assistance identified with work matters, like drafting of business arrangements, settling work related debates, giving legal assessment on work law and so on to the customers. 
    9. NetworkBD can encourage and help to fulfill the regular legal compliances to smooth the

    Setup A Profitable Glass Business In Bangladesh

    The Increasing financial improvement combined with fast urbanization has brought about critical development in the assembling and importation of glass items. The glass business plays so far had impact in speeding up financial development. Bangladesh could be a good area to set up glass business because of modest work, market worth and accessibility of unrefined components. Glass ventures could be a fundamental wellspring of acquiring unfamiliar trade, crating business openings along these lines upgrading nations in general development. Nonetheless, there is no unequivocal strategy rule of the public authority for this significant area. Through arrangement support and deterring importation of glass from different nations can prosper the glass producing industry in the worldwide market.

    FAQs For Glass Business in Bangladesh

    What types of payments do you receive?

    We Receive payment via Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover .

    How long will it take to complete the repair?

    One of the first things we do after a window breaks is board up the damaged section. Once your business is secure, we can begin the repair process.

    Is it necessary for me to be present during my auto glass replacement?

    No. We understand the demands on your time, and we will do everything in our power to make your experience with us as convenient and simple as possible.

    How Long Have You Been in Business?

    NetworkBD has been effectively servicing our clients for more than 20 years.

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