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Here Is The Most Effective Method To Setup Tea Business!

Bangladesh can be called as the paradise of tea production on the world. Try to Setup a Tea Business in Bangladesh. Because tea business is the most seasoned industry of the country that traces all the way back to British period when the East India Company the tea trades this area. Bangladesh has recorded most elevated tea production commonly which makes it one of the biggest tea makers on the world. The geological benefits of the area like calm environment, humidity, the good countries and weighty precipitation (especially, in the northern and eastern regions) assumes crucial part behind the massive tea production in the country. 


The significant tea estate and nurseries in Bangladesh are situated in Sylhet, Maulvi Bazar, Habiganj, Chittagong, Panchagarh, Brahmanbaria & Ranagamati. Other than Black tea, the tea makers in Bangladesh produce different sorts of tea: green tea, Oolong tea, White tea and many different kinds of Instant tea mixed with various preferences. 


Bangladesh is the significant tea exporter of the world. The tea of Bangladesh, for its superior quality, is famous in the nations of Europe, US, Middle East just as Asian nations. The area hence draws in the financial backers to put resources into this rewarding and productive area. 


The Bangladesh Tea Board (BTB) directs the tea area. BTB has two parts, one is Bangladesh Tea Research Institute & the other Project Development Unit (PDU). 


Take Our Effective Help For License & Registration Process

In Bangladesh, Tea business can be worked through framing an organization: 




A Company properly registered in Bangladesh might take part in any business activities according to the Object Clause of the Company, set out in the Memorandum of Association of the Company. In Bangladesh, an organization can be either open or private. To shape a public organization least seven investors will be required. Then again least two investors are important to fuse a privately company business. Privately company business can’t any issue greeting to the general population to buy in for its portions, while, public organization can offer overall population to secure its portions. By and by, privately company is the most well-known type of organization to foreign and local business visionaries. For foreign direct venture, there is no restriction relating to foreign value investment, for example 100% foreign value is permitted. Foreign venture appreciates full assurance and security in Bangladesh, as other Locally Invested Companies. The laws of Bangladesh ensure non-biased treatment among foreign and local investment, and bringing home of continues from deals of offers and benefit. 

Our 7 Core Advances That You Need For Tea Business in Bangladesh

1. A Name Clearance for the proposed Company should be gotten from Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (RJSC). 

2. Opening a transitory financial balance for the Proposed Company in any planned Bank in Bangladesh. 

3. Remit the settled-up capital sum from the record of each foreign investors to the Bank Account of the Proposed Company in Bangladesh. 

4. Obtain encashment testament for each foreign exchanges from the Bank of the Proposed Company. 

5. Submit all the needed to the Company House. 

6. Pay the Govt charge for the registration. 

7. Get the registration declaration from Company House. 

The Required Documents For Setup Tea Business in Bangladesh

  1. Copy of Valid Name Clearance for the proposed organization
  2. Executed duplicate of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. 
  3. Declaration on Registration of Company 
  4. Notice of Situation of Registered Office
  5. Consent of chief to act
  6. Classification of Personal Consenting to be Directors
  7. Particulars of the chiefs, administrator and overseeing specialists
  8. Copies of National ID of investors and chiefs (for Bangladeshi Nationals) 
  9. Copies of TIN Certificate of investors and chiefs (for Bangladeshi Nationals)
  10. Copies of identification of investors and chiefs (for Foreign Nationals) 
  11. Passport size photographs of investors and chiefs 
  12. Bank Encashment Certificate regarding each foreign investor
  13. Receipt of installment of the administrative expenses


Aside from setting up the above particular configuration a 100% foreign possessed organization can likewise enlist as Branch Office to start Tea business. However, Branch office can just play out the capacity imagined by the parent organization by taking earlier endorsement from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority. Subsequent to setting up the separate organization, some extra permit or authorizations might be required, contingent upon the development/extent of the business. 

13 Important Recruitment For Get Additional Licenses

The Cycle to Acquire The Additional Licenses Has been Determined Below: 


1. Trade License


To fire up a business in Bangladesh, the main necessity is securing of an exchange permit. It is necessary for each business element to get Trade License from the separate nearby legislative power. To acquire the Trade License an application encased with vital records should be submitted to the concerned local legislative power (for example City Corporation/Municipal Corporation/Union Parishad). 


2. TIN Certificate


The Government of Bangladesh gives a TIN Certificate, to individual or organization to follow charge installments. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the sole position to give TIN Certificate. To acquire the TIN Certificate a web-based application should be submitted to the NBR. 


3. VAT Certificate


Each Business to work is needed to have a Business Identification Number (BIN). A BIN can be gotten by VAT enlistment interaction to the National Board of Revenue. Each business element should acquire a VAT enlistment testament. To get the VAT Certificate an internet-based application alongside fundamental archives should be submitted to the NBR. 


4. Registration of Industrial Investment Project


The Industrial endeavors in Bangladesh, either nearby or foreign, must be enlisted with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). To Registration of Industrial Investment Project an application alongside essential reports should be submitted to the BIDA. 


5. Factory Layout Approval


Prior to utilize, change or development of any houses, building or premises as plant, an endorsement recorded as a hard copy from the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) will be taken. To get the endorsement of the design an application alongside fundamental reports should be submitted to the DIFE. 


6. License of Factory


Every one of the proprietors or occupiers will need to present an application with essential archives to the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) for enlistment and permit of plant inside 30 (thirty) days before beginning of work for production lines. 


7. Membership Certificate


Subsequent to setting up the separate business, the business person should be an individual from a nearby Chamber of Commerce and Industry or pertinent Trade Association. The application structure to be a part is accessible at the workplace of the concerned Chamber of Commerce or Trade Association. 


8. Import Registration Certificate and Export Registration Certificate 


A shipper having Import Registration Certificate (IRC) and an Exporter having Export Registration Certificate (ERC) can Import and Export any reasonable thing with no worth and amount limitations and without getting any consent from any position. The Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCI&E) issues Import Registration Certificate and Export Registration Certificate to the ideal candidate. To get the IRC or ERC a web-based application alongside vital archives should be submitted to the CCI&E. 


9. Environment Clearance Certificate 


Climate Clearance Certificate (ECC) is one of the essential endorsements to start a modern unit or task in Bangladesh. To get such Certificate, the concerned business person of the modern unit or undertaking need to make an application to the Department of Environment alongside the vital records. 


10. Fire License 


Thinking about the climate and to guarantee the wellbeing of the foundation alongside the specialists occupied with the business, it is required for structures and business associations to get fire permit. It is given by the Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) authority working under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh. To get such permit, the concerned business person of the modern unit or undertaking need to present an application to the FSCD alongside the fundamental reports. 


11. Registration of Trademark 


To ensure brand name and other IP related issues, after the registration of the element, it can apply to the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT), worked under the Ministry of Industries, for enlisting its brand names or potentially some other Intellectual Property. A candidate in the recommend way needs to record with important reports for the enlistment of a brand name to the Trademark Registry Wing of the DPDT. 


12. BSTI Certificate: 


Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) is an expert in Bangladesh which gives declaration/permit for standard of items. The Tea and metal items by and large quality is assessed by BSTI test. (BSTI) gives two sorts of item certificate: 


  1. Mandatory Certification: where item can be dispatched without an authentication from BSTI 
  2. Voluntary Certification: where item can be dispatched without authentication, however BSTI testament adds additional validity advantages to the item. 


13. Registration of Tea Estate/Tea Garden/Small Tea Garden 


An application is needed to submit to the Bangladesh Tea Board in the endorsed structure. Various data should be put during the structure top off. 

FAQs For Tea Business in Bangladesh

What is the profitability of the tea business in Bangladesh?

The tea business is definitely profitable in Bangladesh. It also depends on what types of tea you are producing or selling in the market. There can be a wide variety of profit margins depending on the distributor and the market value.

What is the cost of starting a tea business?

You will need an investment of maximum 50,000 to start a tea business in Bangladesh. If you want something more genuine like a tea bar or cafe, you will need more of an investment.

Why is green tea so expensive?

It is the delicate processing, production, and quality that make green teas so expensive when compared to average or mainstream teas.

How can one prepare for success in the tea business?

It is passion that drives endurance and allows you to practice and become more professional at what you do. The ability to focus is more important than anything else. The only way to enjoy your career is to develop your abilities and acquire the emotional support necessary to overcome obstacles.

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