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    NetworkBD Is The Experienced Service Provider to Setup Telecommunication Business in Bangladesh

    Setup Telecommunication Business in Bangladesh with NetworkBD. As Bangladesh proceeds with its desire to turn into an upper-middle pay class country moving ahead into the 21st century – one of the major financial drivers has been the service and improvement of media transmission benefits all around the country.” Digital Bangladesh” pushes internet development all over the nation and sensible advances have been taken for all taxpayer supported organizations to be online based. There is an extreme change in the way of life as an ever-increasing number of peoples utilize online media correspondence stages like Facebook, WhatApp, Viber, TikTok and so on along content internet based like Youtube as fundamental basics of their lives. 


    The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is the governing body in the country accountable for giving and managing all licenses that would be expected to work and convey telecommunication services. Voice call services and portable internet information are the two key services being presented by the tele communications industry. With 60% of the number of inhabitants in Bangladesh being youthful and moderately aged peoples utilizing versatile specialized gadgets – cell phones are currently progressively reasonable for them. Simple and quick admittance to internet is carrying critical positive changes to the designs of correspondence that the nation has been acclimated with, particularly in metropolitan Bangladesh. Dispatching of more internet business, e-farming, e-training, ridesharing and other on-request benefits – both secretly and government claimed – is adding to development of the telecommunications area in Bangladesh. 


    The raising interest of the telecommunication services are drawing in both local and foreign investments and investor are currently quick to put resources into this area to eradicate monopoly and introduce competition in the market with the goal to set up a public sound media transmission system also. 


    Here is a chart of the overall model of the media transmission administrative structure in Bangladesh: 


    Get The Real And Authentic License Registration Process With Us

    Any new media transmission specialist provider who wishes to place its progression in the telecommunication business, needs to apply to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regularity Commission/BTRC for the conceding of licenses. BTRC just has the selective power to give licenses for the foundation and activity of telecommunication system in Bangladesh. 

    30 World Class Procedure For Setup Telecommunication Business in Bangladesh

    1. Worldwide Gateway (IGW) Licenses 
    2. Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Licenses 
    3. Global Internet Gateway (IIG) Licenses 
    4. Versatile Number Portability (MNP) Licenses 
    5. Broadband Wireless Services (BWA) Licenses 
    6. Cell Mobile Telecommunication Operator Licenses 
    7. 3G Mobile data Phone Services Operator Licenses 
    8. 4G/LTE Mobile data Phone Services Operator Licenses 
    9. Global Terrestrial Cable (ITC) Licenses 
    10. Tower Sharing Licenses 
    11. National Switched Phone Network (PSTN) Operator Licenses 
    12. VoIP Service Provider (VSP)Licenses 
    13. Cross country Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) Service Provider Licenses 
    14. Public Internet Exchange (NIX)Licenses 
    15. Vehicle Tracking Services 
    16. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider 
    17. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider 
    18. Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider 
    19. Internet services Provider – Nationwide Licenses 
    20. Internet services Provider – Central Zone Licenses 
    21. Internet services Provider – Zonal Licenses 
    22. Internet services Provider – Category A Licenses 
    23. Internet services Provider – Category B Licenses 
    24. Internet services Provider – Category C Licenses 
    25. VSAT User Licenses 
    26. VSAT Provider Licenses 
    27. VSAT Provider with HUB Licenses 
    28. Telecommunication Value Added Services (TVAS) Registration Certificate 
    29. Call Center License 
    30. Call Center Registration Certificate, and so on 


    According to the prerequisite of the BTRC, the candidate perhaps needed to supply essential documentation and data as referenced underneath with the application expense as pay request/bank draft, and the BRTC upon its own may likewise analyze the site, establishments and mechanical assembly proposed by the candidate. After accommodation of the application to the BRTC, it will take a choice whether to endorse or dispose of the application and it will educate the candidate regarding its official choice inside a particular time. 

    Top 7 Focusing Issues For Setup Telecommunication Business in Bangladesh

    The legal regions comparable to telecommunication industry cover Telecommunication Act 2001, the Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006, Digital Security Act 2018, Contract Act 1872, Bangladesh Labor laws and so on 


    After the legal substance has been shaped to run telecommunication business with appropriate exchange license, VAT enrollment declaration and TIN, it needs to guarantee that different work arrangements have been executed with every worker whether or not their identity. Assuming the organizations have enlisted foreign representatives at their foundation, they should be utilized according to the work and the Immigration laws of Bangladesh. There is no distinction in to the use of work laws to the foreign and local representatives. In any case, according to the migration laws each foreign representative will be needed to have a legal business visa and a substantial work license. 


    The Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006: 


    The Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006 (ICT Act 2006) covers the legal legitimacy of the data and correspondence innovation in Bangladesh. The ICT Act 2006 covers some significant topic, for example, 


    1. Legal recognition of electronic records  
    2. Communication of Electronic Records 
    3. Authentication by Digital Signature 
    4. Legal acknowledgment of Digital Signature 
    5. The presentation and legal acknowledgment of Certification Authority 
    6. Electronic/digital Gazette
    7. Confidentiality of the electronic records, and so on

    FAQs For Telecommunication Business in Bangladesh

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    How long will we remain in Directory Assistance?

    Yes. To ensure that the customer’s details are preserved in Directory Assistance, NetworkBD Communication submits a directory service form along with every order.

    Is NetworkBD a telephone company or an Internet provider?

    No. We maintain close ties with the best voice and data providers in the industry. The strong relationships we have with these companies allow us to offer our clients the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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