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Over the most recent twenty years, Bangladesh has seen a colossal development in the Road transport area. In the clamoring metropolitan city that is Dhaka, there lives a steady requirement for different types of transportation system that guides in the trading of goods and products.

Transportation can be classified into two categories: passenger transportation and freight movement. The Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BTRC) operates a nationwide bus network, while the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is the regulatory organization in charge of governing, regulating, and ensuring discipline and safety in Bangladesh’s road transport industry. The BRTA regulates the issuing of licenses, route permits, vehicle registration, fitness and tax tokens, speed restrictions and signals, public transportation fares, and vehicle classification.

Setup Transport Business in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh's GDP And Transport Industry Services

Transportation can be separated into two areas; development of travelers and development of merchandise. The Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BTRC) gives a countrywide organization of transport administrations while Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is the administrative body to administer, manage and warrant discipline and security in the road transport area in Bangladesh. The issuance of licenses, defeat grant, vehicle registration, wellness and duty token issuance, fixing speed cutoff points and sign, fixing charge of the public vehicle, grouping of the vehicle are totally constrained by BRTA.

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Traveler Transportation, basically on roads, contains both local and worldwide transport benefits just as nearby development of engine vehicles. Local and unfamiliar private associations like Uber, Pathao, Shohoz and so on tap into Bangladesh economy offering types of assistance like ride sharing, home administrations, food conveyance and online business – administrations are normally obliged to Dhaka district as it were. They are hoping to open the capability of logistics’ industry in the nation and consequently develop to turn into the central participants in the area. 


Generally, for domestic or intra-city and between city methods of conveyance; the most well known method of transportation for products was and keeps on being covered vans and trucks. Anyway, how is logistics associated with transportation? The logistics organizations aid the course of transportation, dealing with and putting away merchandise and materials, from the initiation till the finish of the creation to facilitate the business for the proprietor and the specialist provider. However independent yet both their administrations are interconnected with one another and incorporation of these two gives out a result of upgraded proficiency for transportation and worked on by and large execution of the logistics system. Additionally, a decent vehicle system could advance better proficiency in logistics activities by reducing activity cost, and upgrading worked on quality.

Our 3 Procedure For Authentic License and Registration Process

An all around worked transport and logistics venture would upgrade seriousness in the business and energize an ever increasing number of financial backers, both public and universally to put resources into this area for a beneficial return. Along these lines, clearly previously or more everything, its is fundamental to set up a substance as per the laws of Bangladesh. The choices accessible are public or private restricted organization, sole owner and partnership. 

1. Organization

The organization can be set up after submission of the relative multitude of pertinent archives alongside the public authority expenses at the Company House, Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (RJSC). After discovering all rightness and the validness of the multitude of reports, the RJSC will give a certification of incorporation. 

2. Partnership

An organization business can be set up by executing an association deed between the accomplices and enlisting the organization at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC).

3. Sole Proprietorship

This kind of element is set up by one individual in particular and has no accomplices. All together work business through such element, one needs to acquire trade license from the important city enterprise.

The Following Document For Get The Transport Business Services

When the decision of element has been set up, there is assortment of licenses which should be acquired relying upon the sort of administrations that it wants to convey to the clients. The rundown of licenses referenced beneath is a non-comprehensive rundown which shift contingent upon each help gave. 


  1. Get TIN (Tax Identification number) Certificate from National Board of Revenue (NBR) 
  2. Get Trade License 
  3. Get Vat Registration Certificate from NBR 
  4. Get Driving license from BRTA (this is pertinent for those people who will drive vehicles in the public roads) 
  5. Get Permission for public vehicle from BRTA 
  6. Get Conductor license from BRTA (this is material for the conductors of the engine vehicles) 
  7. Get Vehicle registration from BRTA 
  8. Get Vehicle fitness from BRTA 
  9. Get Vehicle Tax token from BRTA 
  10. Get Route grant from BRTA 
  11. Get Enlistment Certificate for ride sharing from BRTA (if there should arise an occurrence of ride sharing specialist provider, for example, Uber, Pathao and so on under the Ride Sharing Guidelines 2017) 
  12. Vehicle selection endorsement from BTRA (if there should be an occurrence of ride sharing specialist provider, for example, Uber, Pathao and so on under the Ride Sharing Guidelines 2017). 

FAQs For Transport Business in Bangladesh

Is transport logistics capable of reducing costs and maximizing transport processes?

Yes. Transport is not a fixed cost, so managing a transportation NetworkBD’s platform that gives planners and managers a clear view of the constantly shifting variables is fundamental to increasing overall revenue and efficiency, as well as reducing overall transportation costs.

How do transport adapt to operational shifts?

Imagine that a certain production program is scheduled to produce X units that must be transported to a certain warehouse by a certain date. However, unforeseen changes to said production program result in a significant reduction in the number of units, which directly affects transportation capacity. This means that instead of a manufacturing company budgeting enough space to move X amount of units, the smaller amount of space is now either used inefficiently, so that just half a truck or container can be shipped.

Does transport logistics actually improve customer relationships?

Yes. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a transport logistics solution in improving customer satisfaction. In addition to the value proposition for manufacturing companies internally, the value proposition externally or in a customer-facing avenue should be pretty clear from the beginning. When a company provides the right product at the right time at the right place, it will drive a positive customer relations platform and expand its clientele and footprint. 

What is the best way to pay for transport?

There are many ways to pay for your bus pass. You can find details on your application form or by clicking contact information. 

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