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Start Your Oil & Gas Consultancy Business By Saving Money & Time With NetworkBD

If you wish to start Oil and Gas Consultancy Business in Bangladesh, Network BD’s consultancy services can help to guide you to start your business market quickly and efficiently. Your items must meet the requirements of your target market in order to acquire full market access. Identifying and fulfilling such needs is a difficult task. Whatever your business, our consulting services can help you understand and satisfy market expectations anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in getting into this specialized yet lucrative industry, keep reading. Network BD delivers insights on everything you need to know before you get started in this vital book.


Why You Start Oil and Gas Consultancy Business In Bangladesh With Us?

We are willing to assist you with drafting a business plan for Oil and Gas Consultancy Business, which is an essential component of starting a firm. A consultant business might have a wide range of services, which makes it easier to analyze your abilities. Consultants in the oil and gas industry are typically O&G specialists with extensive experience. If this isn’t you, don’t despair; you can always develop a network of industry-specific experts.


Your company plan will assist you in making critical decisions thanks to our solid financial planning and risk assessment methodologies. For instance, you may start your consulting firm as a home-based business and work your way up. It will also assist you in determining the ideal company structure for your company, as registration is required by law. Sole proprietorship or partnership, limited partnership or limited liability partnership, and limited company forms are all popular alternatives.

3 Successful Process Of Oil and Gas Consultancy Business!

1. Tips for Writing a Business Plan for an Oil and Gas Consulting Firm


We understand that developing a business plan can be a difficult process for a first-time entrepreneur. But there’s good news: with a few pointers, any entrepreneur can build a great business plan, and our staff can assist them.

2. Examine Your Competitors


It’s critical to determine how many competitors you have before starting an Oil and Gas Consultancy Business in your community. We’ve created this service to assist you in obtaining a list of local competitors in your area. Simply input your location, state, and zip code to receive a list of local oil and gas consulting firms.

3. Converting Competitors into Partners


It’s critical that you learn as much as you can from someone who is already in the business as part of your due diligence on starting an Oil and Gas Consultancy Business. You’re being overconfident if you believe your local competitors will provide you with advice. Why would they want to educate a competitor in the future?

Legal Requirements For Oil and Gas Consultancy Business

The Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources is in charge of Bangladesh’s energy sector. The Ministry’s agencies that govern the energy industry include the Power Division, the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), the Power Cell, the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), and the Energy and Mineral Resources Division. The main Acts, Rules, and Regulations are the Electricity Act of 2018, the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission Act of 2003, the SREDA Act of 2012, the Gas Cylinder Rules of 1991, and the Bangladesh Gas Act of 2010.


The stages of forming a company are as follows:


  1. The proposed company’s name must be cleared with the Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies.
  1. Establishing a temporary bank account for the Proposed Company in any Bangladeshi scheduled bank.
  1. Transfer the paid-up capital amount from each foreign shareholder’s account to the proposed company’s Bangladesh bank account.
  1. Obtain an encashment certificate from the proposed company’s bank for each foreign transaction.
  1. Send all relevant documents to the Company House.
  1. Pay the registration fees to the government.
  1. Obtain a certificate of registration from the Company House.

Required Documents For Forming Your Oil and Gas Consultancy Company

  1. A copy of the proposed company’s valid name clearance
  2. A copy of the Company’s articles of association and memorandum.
  3. Form I: Declaration On Company Registration signed copy of Form I: Declaration On Company Registration; signed copy of Form I: Declaration On Company Registration; signed copy of Form I
  4. Form VI: Notice Of Situation Of Registered Office (executed copy)
  5. a signed copy of Form IX: Director’s Consent to Act
  6. Form X: List of Personal Consenting to be Directors (executed copy)
  7. Form XII: Particulars of the Directors, Manager, and Managing Agents (executed copy)
  8. Copies of shareholders’ and directors’ national identification cards (for Bangladeshi nationals)
  9. Copies of shareholders’ and directors’ TIN certificates (for Bangladeshi nationals)
  10. Copies of shareholders’ and directors’ passports (for foreign nationals)
  11. Shareholders and directors’ passport photographs
  12. Certificate of Bank Encashment for each foreign shareholder
  13. Payment of governmental fees received


Apart from establishing the above-mentioned format, a 100 percent foreign-owned company can also register as a Branch Office to begin doing business in the energy sector. However, a branch office can only undertake the functions that the parent business has specified after receiving prior clearance from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority. Depending on the expansion/scope of the firm, extra licenses or permissions may be necessary after the company is established.

Some Additional Requirements For Start Oil and Gas Consultsncy Business

The following are the additional licenses needed to start a business in the energy sector:


  1. A business license
  2. Certificate of TIN
  3. Certificate of VAT Registration 
  4. Industrial Investment Project Registration 
  5. Approval of the Factory Layout 
  6. Factory’s license 
  7. Certificate of Membership 
  8. Certificate of Import Registration (applicable to Import Businesses) 
  9. Certificate of Export Registration (applied to export businesses) 
  10. Certificate of Environmental Clearance 
  11. License to Light a Fire 
  12. Trademark registration 
  13. License for a captive power plant (CPP) 

6 Most Unique Reason You Choose Us To Setup Your Oil and Gas Consultancy Business

1. Network BD has a strong and capable team that can help you set up an Oil and Gas Consultancy Business quickly and effectively. Network BD’s legal experts can help clients with any form of business incorporation through consultations and meetings, as well as providing them with guidelines.


2. Several deeds, agreements, and documents must be created in order to incorporate any form of business. Our legal staff can assist clients with document preparation and drafting.


3. It is necessary to initially choose a good piece of land before forming a company entity. We may assist the customer by locating a suitable place for the client’s business to be established. Furthermore, we can assist with the development of leasing agreements, land vetting from the appropriate land registry office, and land acquisition preparation, including registration.


4. We may also help with paying government fees to the appropriate authorities, such as BIDA or RJSC, and liaise with them to collect necessary documentation for business incorporation. Legal specialists from Network BD have solid working relationships with government offices, making it easy to secure any certificates or licenses.


5. Trademark/Copyright/Patent registration is sometimes required in order to incorporate a corporation in order to obtain protection against infringement, provide value to the company, and strengthen legal protection. We help our clients secure legal protection for their businesses by acquiring Trademark/Copyright/Patent registration from the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT).


6. We also offer services for obtaining or renewing any form of license; operating an energy business necessitates the acquisition of various licenses. Our legal experts can help you obtain such licenses and, if needed, renew them on time.

Network BD's Response To Everywhere in COVID-19 Pandemic Situtation

Employees, clients, society, and all other stakeholders are valued by Network BD. Beyond our statutory requirements, we treat our stakeholders with the utmost respect. Wherever we operate, we at Network BD act as responsible and ecologically conscious professionals. COVID-19 has an impact on humanity as a whole all across the planet. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is fighting to overcome this historic struggle, especially those who have lost their lives in the process. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a shared duty. Network BD is taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who works for our companies, their families, and those with whom we collaborate. We’re committed to keeping up with all of the important new developments and being as proactive as possible in our efforts to keep our communities safe.

FAQs For Start A Oil and Gas Consultancy Business

1. What is the role of your gas consultant?

Oilfield consultants are professionals with experience in oil and gas field operations who are hired by an operating company to supervise activities and employees on the ground. Drilling, completion, and production activities, as well as safety supervision and site construction, are all part of this job.

2. How do I go about starting my own oil field company?

You should examine the following procedures to be successful in launching an oil and gas company today:


  1. Research.
  2. Decide where you wish to put your money.
  3. Get your money.
  4. Hire a group or a single person.
  5. Check for licenses and rules.
  6. Create a company strategy.
  7. Determine who your investors are.
  8. Obtain the necessary equipment.

3. How Does Network BD Improve Oil and Gas Consulting Services?

Our oil and gas consulting teams provide enduring change to customers all around the world by combining deep industry experience with innovative digital technology, powerful analytics, and substantial decarbonization expertise. Read about our achievements and the solutions we provide.

4. How Do Network BD’s Services Help Us?

NetworkBD has a strong and capable team that can assist you in swiftly and efficiently establishing an energy business. Through discussions and meetings, as well as offering guidelines, Network BD’s legal specialists can assist customers with any type of business incorporation.

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