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    Safest Way To Starting a Commodity Trading Business In Bangladesh

    Starting a Commodity Trading Business may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but NetworkBD’s knowledge of the appropriate stages and needs before commencing such a venture can save you time and frustration. With over 15 years of international trade expertise and a diverse network of contacts, we understand the challenges of starting and running a new trading company. So if you feel worried about starting a commodity trading business, contact us now to be stress-free.



    Bangladesh is home to one of Asia’s most important trading hubs. Commodities trading is, unsurprisingly, one of the business opportunities that many investors are interested in. In Bangladesh, commodity trading refers to items, produce, and articles of commerce that meet four criteria. Commodity forward contracts, spot commodity trading, leverage commodity trading, and contracts drawn up for trading in differences are the four conditions. The country’s strategic location, not to mention the Asia Pacific region’s wealth of resources, plays a significant role. What makes Bangladesh such a good place to start a commodity trading company? Many investors have successfully launched their businesses in the region with the help of Bangladesh company registration specialists like Network BD. This guide will assist you if you want to learn more about commodities.

    Starting a Commodity Trading Business in Bangladesh

    The Future Of Starting A Commodity Trading Business in Bangladesh

    Commodity trading entails the sale and purchase of raw materials. Physical trading of these goods is sometimes involved. Commodity trading, on the other hand, is usually done through futures contracts. This means you buy or sell a commodity at a predetermined price on a predetermined date.


    This is a strictly regulated sector in Bangladesh under the Control of Essential Commodities Act, 1956. The act’s regulations will apply to anyone who works in the commodities trading industry. This means that if you want to initiate a commodity trading company in Bangladesh, you must follow the Commodity Trading Act.


    In this Act, unless there is anything offensive in the subject or context –


    1. Foodstuffs
    2. cotton and woolen textiles
    3. The paper includes paper-board, pulp-board, wall-board, fibreboard, strawboard, box-board, cellulose wadding, cellulose films, and other similar materials that are factory-made entirely or primarily from vegetable fibers or a pulp thereof, or both, but excludes any of these materials
    4. Mechanically propelled vehicles, as well as their spare parts, tires, and tubes
    5. Coal
    6. Iron and steel
    7. Mica
    8. Drugs and medicines, as well as those administered by injection
    9. Chemicals with gases
    10. Electrical and radio goods and appliances, together with wires and cables
    11. Medical and surgical tools and appliances
    12. Glass and glassware together with scientific and laboratory gear

    Our Risk Management Experts Make You Risk Free in Trading Operations

    By assisting with the international legal elements of launching and building their enterprise, our starting commodity trading business solution helps growth-stage management teams to free up precious resources. With so many stakeholders working together across the supply chain, managing the risks associated with your commodity trading operations can be difficult.


    Our risk management specialists will examine your trading operation and identify potential risks in 7 areas such as: 


    1. Transportation planning 
    2. Tracking
    3. Documentation (permits for import/export)
    4. Quality assurance and testing – our experts and laboratories are on hand to help.
    5. Quantity/volume measurement – our experts can assist you anywhere in the world.
    6. Fraud
    7. Supply chain management


    Our specialist teams can assist you whether you are trading agricultural goods, oil, gas, chemicals, ore, coal, biofuels, steel, or fertilizers. Our global network of sector and market experts spans over 150 countries, giving us unparalleled insight into local markets, cultures, and languages. All over the world, our laboratories provide testing, certification, and verification services.


    We will assess the risks objectively and professionally in order to provide you with the data you require to make strategic decisions. So don’t be late to contact us if you are serious about starting a commodity trading business in Bangladesh.

    The Main Procedure Of Starting a Commodity Business

    Your commodities trading business, like all other businesses in Bangladesh, must be registered. When registering a new business or relocating an existing one to Bangladesh, private limited liability companies (also known as private limited companies) are used. In Bangladesh, a private limited company is a separate legal entity, and shareholders are only liable for the amount of share capital they contributed to the company. The Companies Act of 1994 permits any individual (foreign/ local) over the age of 18 to register a business in Bangladesh.


    The Registration Process

    In Bangladesh, company registration is partially computerized.

    The process of forming a company in Bangladesh consists of 5 steps:


    1. a) Name clearance  
    2. b) Document drafting (AoA, MoA) 
    3. c) Opening and carrying in the paid-up investment bank account 
    4. d) Business registration, and finally 
    5. e) Post-registration formalities 

    Look Here How To Get Trade Permit To Start Your Business

    Every type of business entity in Bangladesh requires a trade license. It is issued by the respective area’s local government. Each local government where a company operates requires it to obtain a Trade License. If a company has more than one location, it must obtain a Trade License.


    If a company operates multiple locations, it must obtain a Trade License from each local government. It is valid for one year and must be renewed every year. The government charges a fee for a trade license, which varies depending on the type of business.

    Start Your Own Company Business With NetworkBD

    Allow the experts to assist you in starting a commodity trading business or getting other new businesses off to a good start in Asia’s most sought-after business hub. Get in touch with NetworkBD today if you’re ready to start your commodities business in Bangladesh.

    FAQs For Commodity Trading Business

    Why do commodity traders make so much money?

    Commodity brokers are usually paid on a commission basis, which means they get a percentage of the gross commissions from the trades their customers place. The payments involved with the execution of buying and selling orders are known as commissions.

    Why should I invest in commodities?

    Commodity returns can be influenced by weather, politics, or global production, hence there has been no historical association between commodities and traditional investments. As a result, commodity returns may aid in reducing volatility in a diversified portfolio. Commodities can act as an inflation hedge.

    Can commodity prices go negative?

    Negative commodity prices are nothing new, since other raw commodities have fallen to the point where sellers are willing to pay purchasers to take their goods off their hands. While some markets have witnessed zero or negative pricing, others have never seen it. The electricity or power market is a use-it-or-lose-it market.

    What if commodities prices plummet?

    Commodity producers face a danger of lower commodity prices. A farmer may plant more of a crop on less productive land if crop prices are high this year. If prices drop next year, the farmer may lose money on the extra crop grown on less fertile land. This is a sort of commodity price risk, as well.

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