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    Earn More To Start A Data Centre Business With NetworkBD

    Do you want to create your own data centre? NetworkBD is a dependable partner with years of experience in formulating different types of businesses in Bangladesh. Starting a Data Centre Business is difficult, but we make it simple and profitable. E-commerce and the data economy have ushered in a new era in the business world. Starting a data center business seems prudent as the digital landscape continues to evolve under the influence of evolutionary technology. It’s a brilliant business idea because the demand for data centers or DC is rapidly increasing as a result of digital adoption.


    Bangladesh’s data centre network was built to meet the needs of clients who require the highest level of network performance. Our network has a strong focus on redundancy, which allows it to quickly self-heal failures and maintain connectivity. Our infrastructure belongs to us.


    Get Our 3 Best Services For Start Data Centre Business Successfully

    Bangladesh’s data center network was built to meet the needs of clients who require the highest level of network performance. There is a strong emphasis on redundancy, which allows the network to quickly self-heal failures without disrupting connectivity. Infrastructure exists in our country. Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance is our top priority, and keeping our data center alive worldwide from Bangladesh is a constant challenge for us.

    1. On-Site Security:

    Datacenter access is restricted to technical personnel only. Access to the data center is controlled by electronic security systems, which are complemented by a full complement of motion-detecting security cameras that monitor the entire facility. These facilities are equipped with a fully managed system.

    2. Power Framework

    At every layer, power systems have a high level of fault tolerance and resilience. Incoming service is routed to a dedicated on-site transformer diesel generator, which then switches to their UPS automatically. As a result, UPS transports electricity to our various facilities while ensuring its quality. Service and upgrades are possible thanks to redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets.

    3. Cooling Method:

    Some provides include 5 ton up flow energy efficient air conditioning units in environmental processing systems. To ensure optimal equipment reliability, temperature and humidity are precisely controlled all year. To improve fault tolerance and reliability, companies ensure each unit has its own compressors and cooling loops.

    The Start-up Requirements for a Data Centre in Bangladesh

    The best way to get your business off the ground is to register or incorporate it. Begin by researching the various business structures available – Network BD’s article on Bangladesh company registration is a great place to start for beginners. The guide explains the various options available, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited companies. Foreign investors can opt for a subsidiary, for example, but whatever option they choose, do your homework first.


    In Bangladesh, business registration is a legal requirement. Bangladesh’s government established the National Computer Council in 1983. In 1990, the Bangladesh Computer Council Ordinance changed the name to Bangladesh Computer Council. BCC is the government of Bangladesh’s apex statutory body for ICT development, operating under the Information & Communication Technology Division of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology (hereinafter “ICTD”).


    The National Starting a Data Centre Business is run and managed by BCC in order to achieve the Digital Bangladesh goal. NDC offers a variety of services that are divided into three categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are three types of cloud computing services (SaaS). NDC was founded in 2010. The National Data Center is the country’s only certified Tier-3 standard data center, with services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Work With Us And Be Successful In Your Dream Business

    NetworkBD has a professional team that is very dedicated and has knowledge on starting a data centre business. In Bangladesh, you can create a bright future in the data centre business with us. In Bangladesh, the number of internet users is rapidly increasing. There are currently over 115 million internet subscribers, and this number is growing. Furthermore, the country’s economic development is a driving force behind the internet revolution. In 2020, people will generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, according to TechJury. Global data generation will reach 463 exabytes per day in 2025.


    Every day, citizens, government agencies, and private businesses generate massive amounts of data as part of the internet revolution. Bangladesh alone will generate several Exabyte’s of data per day by 2025.


    So what do these statistics and growth forecast indicates?


    Bangladesh requires its own data centers to meet demand and safeguard its sensitive data. Furthermore, future cyberwar poses a significant threat to your data security.


    And, in light of future possibilities, a data center in Bangladesh is the best option for any company.


    Businesses investing in data centers have a huge opportunity as well. For better security, Bangladeshi companies will store their data at home in the future. As a result, starting a data centre business is an excellent business opportunity.

    Why Bangladesh's Data Centre Is More Safest?

    There are numerous advantages to starting a data centre in Bangladesh. And every company doing business in Bangladesh should take advantage of these advantages without hesitation.

    1. Keeping Company Information at Home

    Keeping your data in a data center in Bangladesh is the same as keeping it at home. And the safest place to keep something valuable is at home. Your company’s data, such as HR and eCommerce information, is critical.

    2. Government Policies That Are Beneficial

    Due to international political tensions, government policies are constantly changing. As a result, businesses should consider using a data center in Bangladesh. Because citizens are involved, your company’s HR data, for example, is a government concern. What if your data is stored in a Bangladeshi data center because the government prefers it? Alternatively, the government could pass legislation requiring eCommerce companies to use a data center in Bangladesh. You will be able to relax in this manner.

    3. Improving Accountability

    Bangladeshi data centers are the safest!

    Data loss is almost impossible when your data is stored on a server run by a Bangladeshi data center.

    4. Improved Accessibility:

    Your IT team may need to make some specific data changes at some point. And that level of quick accessibility can only be achieved if you contact us right away. When we store our data on a remote server, we frequently miss out on the ability to access it quickly. We send a request to the support team if any of the systems fail. But, in most cases, it takes days to receive a response. Even for minor issues, you must create tickets, which causes the problem to take longer to resolve. You are eventually causing damage to your company. What if it was hosted in a Bangladeshi data center? There is no doubt that you can call at any time, and the service provider will respond as soon as possible.

    5. No Payment Issues

    Most Bangladeshis who want to buy a hosting plan have a hard time making payments. We don’t all have dual-currency cards. If you host your business or personal information in a data center in Bangladesh, there are no payment issues. Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can make a purchase using another method of payment.

    6. Budget-Friendly

    Despite providing better service and security, data centers in Bangladesh are significantly less expensive than those in other countries. Some people believe that low-cost service equals low-cost service, but this is incorrect. You will be charged by foreign data centers based on their purchasing power.

    We Are Your Trustworthy Assistant to Start Your Dream Business

    It’s time to make your dreams a reality now that you have a better understanding of the entire process of starting a data centre business. With the right professional alliance, starting a data centre business in Bangladesh can be a breeze. NetworkBD is a twenty-first-century corporate service provider that can give your company a competitive edge.


    All of our business formation packages are fully digital, resulting in innovative outcomes that are easy to customize. Contact NetworkBD today for all of your business startup needs. You can rest assured that your future is in the hands of committed global professionals who consistently deliver.  So starting a data centre business with NetworkBD is easy and secure.

    FAQs For Starting A Data Centre Buisness

    What are the key requirements to develop a data center?

    Beyond only cooling and power, a data center solution that examines and designs for the five main factors of performance, time, space, experience, and sustainability will be dependable, versatile, scalable, and efficient in many ways.

    How much does it cost to run a data center?

    The typical annual cost of starting a data centre business is between $10 and $25 million. Hardware, software, disaster recovery, continuous power supplies, and networking account for just under half of the budget. Another significant percentage is spent on continuous application and infrastructure maintenance.

    How much does a small data center cost?

    The basic answer to your question is that building your own data center costs around $1000 per square foot. That’s without factoring in the fact that having fiber deployed to reach your area can cost upwards of $10,000 per mile.

    Is there a demand for data centers?

    As more businesses move toward digitization and consider the benefits and limitations of colocation vs cloud-first, we expect this spike in demand and data center investment to continue in 2021 and beyond.

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