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    Get Confidence in Starting a Halal-Certified Business in Bangladesh

    Starting a Halal-certified business in Bangladesh is a terrific method to attract and cater to a specific market. Bangladesh is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and people. Growing demand for Halal certification of products and procedures is part of this all-inclusive variety. This tutorial is intended to educate readers interested in learning more about the Halal certification procedure in Bangladesh. It contains useful information that will assist entrepreneurs in avoiding common blunders that might cause the application process to be delayed. We at NetworkBD are constantly by your side to assist you with the overall Halal-certified company process in Bangladesh.


    The Future Of Starting Halal-Certified Business In Bangladesh

    Starting a Halal-Certified business is a business that adheres to Islamic Sharia law’s permitted criteria. In Bangladesh, Halal certification may encompass storage, logistics, Halal ingredient source and handling, and cooking.

    Bangladesh’s food industry is booming, and starting a Halal-certified business there is one of the best ways to ensure you’re reaching the broadest possible audience. The Muslim community makes up a significant portion of the population of the country. It is critical to have your business certified according to Halal standards if you want to attract as many customers as possible.

    A Halal business will have a Halal certificate publicly displayed on its premises. This ensures that your firm is functioning in accordance with Halal guidelines. If you go through the trouble of obtaining Halal certification and prominently displaying it, your consumer base could grow significantly.

    Halal certification now encompasses a broader range of products and processes than just consumables. While the certification process itself can be difficult, the benefits will undoubtedly be worthwhile. Within the Muslim community and the rest of the world, your company gains a reputation for trust and integrity. You’ll also feel good knowing that your company meets and maintains high ethical standards.


    Aside from restaurants, the following Bangladeshi enterprises can seek for Halal certification:

    1. Goods for consumers
    2. Pharmaceuticals
    3. Cosmetics
    4. Personal attention
    5. Slaughterhouses
    6. Logistics

    The 15 HALAL Certification Requirements in Bangladesh

    1. Only halal products should be produced, manufactured, or promoted by any food manufacturer, food premises, or abattoir.
    2.  Every applicant must ensure that their component sources are halal, and that their suppliers provide halal substances, and that their suppliers have halal certification certificates.
    3.  Every company should look into all aspects of the processes, so slept outside in the techniques manual.
    4. Those agencies classified as multinational, small, and medium enterprises in Bangladesh must form an intestinal Halal Audit Committee, which will then decide on some Islamic Affairs executive (Islamic studies) in accordance with the handle while confirming the agreement of halal certification procedures.
    5.  During product preparation, handling, processing, packaging, and transportation, the product should be fair yet unrestricted in terms of non-halal ingredients.
    6. The apparatus and facilities of the premises must be bright and free of material that is considered najis (filthy) and harmful to one’s health.
    7.  The transit, because halal and non-halal products must be kept separate.
    8.  In order to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, businesses in Bangladesh should insist on cleanliness on tools, transportation, and the manufacturing location or circle.
    9. All employees must follow the following action articles on etiquette and proper hygiene practices
    10. Since wright employed, all employees are required to receive scientific injection (i.e. Tetanus injection) from someone scientific center identified by the government.
    11.  All employees, particularly those in labor, such as production operators, are required to adhere to work-related health ponder abilities and personal hygiene.
    12.  Any employee who is sick and may have an effect on the manufacturing attribute should no longer be assigned until he or she recovers.
    13.   Workers are no longer permitted to touch any uncooked cloth or semi-finished product with their bare hands.
    14.  Activities that may affect production multiplication, such as smoking, eating, drinking, storing food, drink, and medication, must be performed in a special area separate from the production area.
    15. In the premise/meal technology area, religious worshiping devices are strictly prohibited.

    Our 5 Easy Steps: You Can be benefited With Our Services

    1. Contact us Via Phone Or Email And Inform Us of Your Requirements

    We will conduct a FREE gap analysis of your company’s HALAL compliance and provide you with a quote.

    2. Documentation And Training

    Once you’ve agreed to our quote, our team will conduct the necessary training and complete the necessary documentation for starting a Halal-Certified business in Bangladesh.

    3. Review And Implementation

    After that, we’ll conduct a pre-assessment audit to make sure your company meets the certification requirements.

    4. Certification Body Final Audit

    We will assist you during the final certification audit to ensure that your organization is successful in obtaining certification.

    5. Get Your Certificate

    We are a quality-conscious company that values complete customer satisfaction. So, if you are completely satisfied with our service, please make a payment to us.

    Why Choose NetworkBD For Starting A Halal-Certified Business?

    This guide is intended to educate readers interested in starting a Halal certification business in Bangladesh. It contains useful information that will assist entrepreneurs in avoiding common blunders that can cause the application process to be delayed. You should have all of the resources and knowledge you need to become certified by the end of this guide.


    Get in touch with us if you’re looking for the best company formation services in Bangladesh. At NetworkBD, we practice what we preach, our services are cutting-edge, ethical, and trustworthy. For the discerning entrepreneur, our team of global professionals provides comprehensive, digitalized, and fully customizable business solutions for starting a Halal-Certified business in Bangladesh.

    FAQs For Starting A Halal-Certified Business

    How much does Halal certification cost?

    The cost of Halal certification for restaurants varies based on the floor size, ranging from S$705 to S$990 (excluding GST). All new Halal certification applications must be submitted online.

    How long does a halal certificate last?

    Halal certificates normally last for one or two years before expiring. You must renew your Halal certificate at least one to three months before the existing one expires.

    Can we use halal logo?

    It would be detrimental if a Halal logo was not shown on approved products… Companies can access the global market and compete against non-certified items with Halal certification and the displayed emblem. Another line of traceability to Halal requirements is provided by the displayed Halal mark.

    Which are the products requiring Halal Certificate?

    The majority of people associate Halal meals with meat products. Muslims must, however, ensure that all foods, including processed foods, medications, and non-food items such as cosmetics, are Halal. These products frequently contain animal by-products or other components that are forbidden to Muslims.

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