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Worried about starting a non-profit organization in Bangladesh? Contact with NetworkBD today. Doing your part for charity or advocating a cause you believe in can inspire and bring people together. Starting a Non-Profit Organization in Bangladesh is one method of achieving your mission and making a difference. You also don’t have to go it alone because NetworkBD is here to help with all of your startup needs. Non-profits exist to make a difference, and they are the ideal vehicles for bringing about positive change. Starting a Non-Profit Organization is exciting, whether it happens at the local level or on a global scale. Bangladesh is an excellent place to start because it already has a large number of organizations that support a variety of causes.


This guide is the best place to start if you starting a non-profit organization. We go over the finer points of registration and approvals, as well as some pointers on how to grow your non-profit. Network BD is just a click away for more in-depth information.


We Help You To Register Your Non-Profit Organization Legally

Due to a lack of information, starting a non-profit organization in Bangladesh might be difficult. There are various government agencies with which you may register your corporation, and we spent a lot of time deciding which one was best for us. NetworkBD has a long history of providing company formation services. Our experts will handle the entire registration procedure for you, ensuring that your non-profit organization is properly registered.


The NGO Affairs Bureau is in charge of NGOs. To begin, the INGO or NGO must be registered with the relevant NGOAB body. Application in the prescribed form must be submitted to the NGOAB, along with payment of the required fee and all supporting documents, such as an operation report, a letter of intent, a constitution, and a copy of the Treasury Challenge for payment of registration fees, among others.


The application will be forwarded to the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Home Affairs for review and inspection of the documents submitted after it is submitted to the NGOAB.


Upon receipt of the papers, the Ministries concerned shall designate the Special Branch of Police and National Security Intelligence to conduct a security check on the applicant and to conduct such an inspection as clearance forwarded to the Ministry of Home Affairs, provided that the approved bodies are satisfied with their inquiries.


The NGOAB will continue with the audit and final inspection of the documents once the approval has been granted. Acting primarily under the International Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulations Act, 2016 (FDRA); 


Here, 11 certain tasks must be completed in order to register an NGO; (as stated in section 4 of the FDRA):


  1. Form FD-1 (signed by Chief Executive in Bangladesh) – Nine copies
  2. 3 copies of the certificate of incorporation in the country of origin
  3. 4 copies of the Constitution
  4. 6 copies of the Activities Report
  5. 4 copies of the PIan of Operation (Work/Organogram)
  6. 4 copies of the committee/decision board’s to open an office in Bangladesh
  7. 4 copies of the Country Representative’s Letter of Appointment
  8. 3 copies of Treasury challan in support of depositing 50000 Taka for local NGO and USD $ 9,000 or equivalent TK amount for foreign NGO in the Code 1-0323-0000-1836 and 15% Vat Code No (1-1133-00 35 -0311)
  9. 3 copies of a TK.300 deed of agreement with the landlord in support of opening an office in Bangladesh.
  10. 4 copies of the Executive Committee List (foreign)
  11. 5 Letters of Intent

Note: Foreign AII documents must be notarized by a Justice of the Peace or attested by the Bangladesh Embassy when starting a non-profit organization.

Why Start a Non-Profit Organization in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a global business hub and continues to position itself firmly as such. Its stable economic and political governance promotes investor confidence, making it an ideal place to start any business. World-class infrastructure and connectivity and a diverse talent pool further cement its international reputation for excellence. To top it all off, Bangladesh is also the ideal gateway to Southeast Asian markets.

Why NetworkBD Is The First Choice To Customer

Doing your part for charity or championing a cause you believe in can inspire and bring people together. One way to achieve your mission and make a difference in Bangladesh is to establish a non-profit organization. You also don’t have to go it alone because NetworkBD is here to help with all of your startup needs.


Network BD offers some of the most comprehensive incorporation packages available as an award-winning corporate service provider. All of our solutions are adaptable, innovative, and cost-effective. You’ll also be collaborating with international experts with years of experience. Make a difference by contacting NetworkBD today when starting a non-profit organization in Bangladesh.

FAQs For Starting a Non-Profit Organization

How do I start an NGO registration?

A bank account in the name of an NGO is a necessary prerequisite for its operation. It is necessary to be registered as a Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company in order to open an account. To apply for a tax exemption from the Income Tax Authority, you must first register as a non-profit organization.

Can a single person start a NGO?

A minimum of two people are required to register an NGO in Trust. You’ll need at least 7 members to register an NGO in Society. At a national level, you’ll need at least 8 people to form an NGO. You don’t have to register a charity trust to start one.

How long does it take to register an NGO?

The complete registration could take up to two months to process. The department will send you an acknowledgment letter after your application has been received. If your application fits the requirements of the Nonprofit Organizations Act, 1997, a registration certificate will be issued.

Can a non-profit organization earn profit?

The proprietors of a not-for-profit organization do not make any money. Instead, the money received by the group is donated to assist fund the organization’s aims and goals. A non-profit organization may also rely on donations to stay afloat.

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