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    We Are A Leader Of Corporate Income Tax and VAT Audit Financial Services

    To discover and smooth out viable strategies to your company tax difficulties, our corporate income expense experts work together with our government, worldwide, state and nearby, and tax innovation trained professionals. 

    The measure of corporate tax rate relies upon the total compensation of an company. The benchmark that we have utilized alludes to the most noteworthy rate for Corporate Income. Incomes from the Corporate Tax Rate are one of the significant kinds of revenue for the public authority of Bangladesh. 

    The tax law follows a similar corporate rate structure without significant changes. It forces personal tax at 25% on recorded elements and 35% on non-recorded elements.

    Corporate Income Tax and VAT Audit Financial Consulting Services

    Take Our 6 Special Benefits of Corporate Income Tax

    Our expert help incorporates prompting on retaining tax while paying your provider’s opportune statement of tax. The administrations incorporate getting ready and submitting retaining tax, income expense refunds, changing the tax, submitting government forms before the cutoff time, and so on

    1. Set-off Loss Provisions

    Any company working in this country needs to consider the set-off misfortune arrangements. Rules with respect to this must be defined during the phase of tax procedures of company tax and at the personal expense arranging stage.

    2. Carry Forward

    During the computation of the enterprise tax, a company should keep the arrangements to convey forward the misfortunes of prior years. According to the income tax law of Bangladesh, the misfortune can’t be set off completely in an expense year.

    3. Tax Day

    An company needs to consider the cutoff times for documenting the tax form. The pay year in Bangladesh is from July to June. Nonetheless, companies can engage the NBR for changing this meeting.

    4. Tax Consultancy Team

    Our Tax Consultancy group gives a wide range of tax arrangements. Our answers are both for individual and corporate customers. We are proficient help firms with specialists around here and prepared to give the best arrangements accessible.

    5. Withholding Taxes

    The company needs to monitor the retained taxes and submit returns double a year. This is a standard set by the public authority of Bangladesh. Many companies frequently face punishments since they neglect to present the tax form before the deadline.

    6. Payroll Taxes

    On the off chance that an company neglects to conform to tax form guidelines, the authority of Bangladesh prohibits all costs of finance. To keep away from such punishments, our finance Tax consultancy administrations guarantee the accommodation of yearly expense forms inside the specified time.

    We Provide a Full Range Corporate Tax Consulting Service

    You will see news media bring up issues concerning whether Bangladesh is an tax leveling country. The pace of corporate tax is 25% for public companies while it’s 32.5 for non-recorded companies. Specialists say the corporate tax is high in Bangladesh. 


    In such a circumstance, we can assist you with dealing with your corporate expenses in a manner that lessens the issues and protect your business from tax issues. 


    NetworkBD is one of the main Corporate Tax Service Provider in Bangladesh. We help our customers to plan expense forms and pay their business tax on schedule. 


    The documenting of corporate expense forms can be bulky and can redirect you from center tasks. As a dependable tax consultancy accomplice, we can go about as your customized tax number cruncher and income expense preparing office to assist you with boosting benefits with negligible working expenses. 


    Corporate income tax should be paid on generally speaking business pay in Bangladesh. Corporate or business pay alludes to the benefit that has raised or gathered from leading any business or exchange Bangladesh. 


    Under the law of the company tax, it additionally adds the worth of any advantage or perquisites that the business has run over inside the pertinent tax year in Bangladesh. Our tax readiness administration would guarantee that our customer consistently stays agreeable with the tax collection laws just as recording your business tax inside the right timetable. 

    5 Effective  Company Corporate Income Tax Services


    From corporate tax form, readiness and survey to burden contention and review support, our business tax administrations cover the entire range of potential complince requests. Coming up next is only a couple of the many administrations we offer:

    • 1. Income expense estimations are ready or potentially surveyed.
    • 2. Conceded tax estimations for budget summary reasons for existing are ready and additionally checked on.
    • 3. Temporary tax estimations are ready as well as looked into.
    • 4. Tax measure documentation and activity manuals.
    • 5. C-Corporations, Partnerships, and S-Corporations all need to document government income expense forms.

    We have the expertise and experience to interface tax compliance with different undertakings, for example, tax provision and arranging. We give the right balance between specialized assets and technological expertise so your own staff can focus of areas of tax collection that offer more benefit to the whole business.

    FAQ For Corporate Income Tax Services

    NetworkBD corporate income tax is due by which entities?

    Corporations doing business in NetworkBD, are required to file a corporate income tax return regardless of the amount of their gross income or taxable income. NetworkBD follows the federal tax treatment of corporations.

    Can NetworkBD accept consolidated returns?

    No. Corporate income tax returns cannot be consolidated under NetworkBD law. If a corporation is part of a consolidated group, it must file a separate return reporting income and deductions, as if it filed a separate federal income tax return.

    Do groups of corporations have to file together?

    The income of a unitary group of corporations must be reported on a single combined return.

    How does a holding company file its corporate income tax?

    Corporations whose NetworkBD activities are limited to the maintenance and management of their intangible investments may qualify for an exemption.

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