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Effectively & Efficiently Manage Your Transfer Pricing With Our Affordable Services

Through the very affordable services, NetworkBD’s Transfer Pricing Services professionals assist firms in successfully and efficiently managing their transfer pricing: planning, compliance and documentation, implementation, and debate. In Bangladesh, NetworkBD has a specialized team of experienced professionals, including accountants, tax practitioners, specialists, benchmarking experts, and financial analysts, who can provide critical local expertise within a global context. Companies can use GTPS to help them plan transactions, capital structures, and investment arrangements more efficiently, as well as prepare annual transfer pricing returns and documentation and respond to tax authority issues.

Most Exclusive Transfer Pricing Services In Bangladesh

We Assist With All Aspects Of Defending Your Transfer Pricing

NetworkBD’s transfer pricing experts help taxpayers meet their home country and overseas documentation obligations by preparing transfer pricing documentation reports that examine the arm’s length character of their intercompany prices. We can also help multinational corporations with various overseas affiliates generate worldwide documentation that meets all of their criteria in a timely and uniform manner.


Our experts at NetworkBD help clients with all areas of defending their transfer prices in front of the tax authorities and local audit teams. If a transfer pricing adjustment is made as a result of an audit, NetworkBD can assist in obtaining double tax relief through the tax treaty competent authority process. We also assist clients in negotiating Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) in order to obtain transfer pricing certainty in the future.

Our Flexible Transfer Pricing Solutions Meet Your All Needs

During tax audits, tax authorities in Bangladesh and around the world are paying more attention to transfer pricing. To satisfy the growing demand for high-quality tax services in this sector, NetworkBD has assembled a professional team with substantial practical experience.
In this regard, we have established a number of choices for collaboration and may provide flexible solutions based on the client’s individual demands, such as:


1. Transfer pricing documentation preparation (local file, master file, country-by-country reports and notifications);

2. Using specialist databases or information provided by the taxpayer to conduct a comparability analysis;

3. TP policy planning and preparation, as well as TP consultations;

4. Review of accessible TP documentation, as well as a company overview from a TP standpoint and perspective;

5. Assistance in tax collection and correspondence with tax officials;

6. Appeal, defense plan preparation, and court representation;

Our Services Enhance Global Tax & Treasury Planning

By harmonizing the relationship between the taxpayer’s value drivers and income/cost streams to increase their effective tax rate, NetworkBD works with customers to discover strategic possibilities to better global tax and treasury planning (ETF). Supply chain and intellectual property strategies, as well as worldwide charges, are examples of this.


Our services help clients integrate operationally and tax planning in such a way that tax becomes just another expense of conducting business, allowing them to make strategic decisions after taxes.

Our Strengths On Pricing

  • 1. Transfer pricing planning and compliance can be aided by experienced Chartered Accountants, tax practitioners, and benchmarking professionals.
  • 2. Dedicated access to well-known transfer pricing databases for high-quality benchmarking.
  • 3. A large client base with experience in a variety of industries.

What Makes NetworkBD Unique To Ensure Transfer Pricing Sussfully?

  • 1. Transfer Pricing Planning: Assist in the preparation of financially sound transfer pricing for global transactions, capital rebuilding, and contributing. Examining draft agreements between connected businesses to identify and address potential transfer pricing concerns.
    2. Transfer Pricing Documentation/Study Report Planning: Assist with transfer pricing investigation and documentation/focus on file of global transactions between related ventures for consistency with the cautious distance rule for transfer pricing purposes.
  • 3. Transfer Pricing Return Planning: Assist with the identification of global transactions and the preparedness of the Transfer Pricing Return in the suggested design.
    4. Dispute Resolution: Assist in the resolution of transfer pricing issues through various administrations at various levels of the competent authorities.

FAQs For Transfer Pricing

How should we approach Transfer Pricing Documentation?

Your company’s facts and circumstances will determine the answer to this question. Our team takes a practical approach that can be implemented on a daily basis by your finance team. Contact us for more information.

How does the Masterfile Approach work?

A masterfile begins with a global and segmented company, industry, and functional analysis, along with consistent characteristics and methods based on functionality. It is this master file that is used to prepare local country documentation, in addition to the company, industry, and functional analysis of the country.

Is there a difference between a Transfer Pricing Policy and Transfer Pricing Documentation?

There are some similarities in transfer pricing documentation and policy except the policy is prepared in advance and focuses on what international related party transactions exist, the associated functionality, and how the arms length margin should be calculated. Transfer pricing documentation is prepared after the end of the year and focuses on what IT actually took place, the actual amounts involved, and the comparison to ensure it is in accordance with the arm’s length principle.

Is the documentation compliant with all local requirements?

The majority of major economies around the world follow OECD guidelines, including the transfer pricing methods used, so this approach will be accepted by most. Local country reviews and approvals can be arranged, if necessary. This is strongly recommended for complex, unique, or high value transactions.

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