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    Reduce Business Cost & Valuable Time With VAT Services

    Our VAT Services business area provides efficient, long-term, cross-industry, and practical VAT guidance, with a particular focus on industrial sectors and a pragmatic approach. Our VAT Services service line, which is staffed by seasoned VAT specialists, serves businesses and entrepreneurs from all industries and sizes.


    More than 40 VAT specialists from across the world are organized in our International VAT Group, which provides regular communication, professional exchange, discussing methods and hot themes in VAT and changes in law, as well as leading practice across industries. As a result, NetworkBD advises you on all national and international VAT concerns and declaration requirements. NetworkBD is glad to assist you in navigating the complex topic of VAT in relation to your company’s needs, thanks to its global team of experienced VAT consultants.

    Most Popular Process of Tax and Vat Legal Services in Bangladesh

    How Our VAT Services Work For You?

    We build long term organizations with every customer, in light of the great nature of our legal help and a decent comprehension of the business and key goals of the customer. 


    Being one of the vital acts of the NETWORKBD and Associates, in Bangladesh we educate on Tax viewpoints regarding Bangladesh and worldwide transactions, go with customers’ business on current tax issues, and secure their inclinations in a question with Tax specialists. 


    We give legal help to private customers, fruitful business people, and their families, prompting on freshening up, cash guidelines, Tax organizing, and authorities. 


    Our work depends on the information and abilities acquired during work abroad, a top to bottom comprehension of Bangladesh highlights and legal practice, just as worldwide guidelines of client assistance. 


    Our lawyers are not moderate and are prepared to offer striking and inventive arrangements. What is significant, they are additionally prepared for the execution of these choices and, if vital, for their security under the watchful eye of the law authority. Inside the training, there is no thin partition by sorts of Taxes, which permits every one of its experts to extensively assess any Tax issues. 

    Our VAT Advisory Services Brings Core Benefit At Your Doorstep

    1. Advisory services for all ongoing VAT queries in your daily business, with a high-level practical and sector-oriented approach for national and cross-border concerns, as well as collaboration with colleagues in the relevant countries across the world.


    2. Assistance with VAT compliance and declaration requirements (e.g. filing of preliminary and annual VAT returns, Intrastat Reports, EC Sales Listing, VAT registration in Germany, special VAT refund procedure)


    3. Dealings with local tax authorities: Support in conversations with the tax authority during audits or special VAT audits, as well as filing appeals or statements of claims, and judgements.


    4. Litigation in tax court matters involving VAT


    5. Results of specific projects (e.g. VAT reviews as a simulated audit, VAT Checks with different extent and scope)


    6. From a risk management standpoint, assistance with the implementation of “VAT processes” in your firm as an internal control system.


    7. Specific issues and topics (e.g. cash-flow optimization, intercompany charging, restructuring, holding companies, allocation and proportion of input VAT deduction and respective optimization, import VAT and implications of customs and duty with regard to cross-border supplies)


    8. Client-designed in-house workshops for common business cases and qualifications of participating employees


    9. Check and review the VAT requirements’ transformation in the ERP system


    10. Customs-related advice

    Our VAT Services Meet Your All Needs

    1. You’ll have access to highly qualified VAT experts who can provide jargon-free VAT guidance across all industries. Our team includes industry experts and former VAT inspectors who have a thorough understanding of the VAT system.


    2. Our VAT experts apply their experience and in-depth knowledge to solve your VAT issues, avoid disagreements, and provide unique solutions.


    3. We understand that no two businesses are the same. You will receive a personalized service that is geared to your company’s specific requirements.


    4. We have a lot of expertise negotiating with HMRC, and we have a great working relationship with them. Nexia International, a renowned global network of professional service firms, gives us global reach and local understanding no matter where you do business. Our VAT experts also serve on a number of trade associations and VAT professional organizations to guarantee that our client’s interests are well-represented.

    Why Trust NetworkBD's VAT Services?

    1. VAT registration, VAT grouping, and assistance with VAT returns, and other VAT compliance are all services we provide.


    2. We’ll walk you through all of your HMRC questions.


    3. Providing VAT advice on complicated transactions, contracts, and corporate structures, including the implications of anti-avoidance legislation and how to maximize VAT recovery on transaction costs.


    4. Providing inbound and outbound firms with assistance in understanding their international registration and compliance obligations, as well as cross-border transaction advice.


    5. To maximize VAT recovery and cut costs, partial exemption mechanisms must be designed and maintained.


    6. Examining your current VAT situation for compliance and efficiency.


    7. Providing guidance on solutions for Making Tax Digital and automating the VAT process.

    What Makes NetworkBD Unique?


    On VAT matters, we work with a diverse group of companies, including:


    1. Advising some of Bangladesh’s top property corporations and urban estates
    2. Providing supply chain optimization strategic assistance to multinational corporations; and
    3. Providing guidance to companies in the financial and insurance industries on how to maximize VAT recovery in Bangladesh and create effective worldwide expansion frameworks.

    FAQ For Bangladesh VAT Services

    When do I have to pay VAT on a financial transaction?

    VAT should only be applied to financial services that are performed in exchange for a fee or commission. Financial services that are provided on an implied margin, interest-based, or spread-based basis should be recognized as VAT exempt.

    When you mention input VAT, what exactly do you mean?

    Input VAT is the value-added tax that is added to the price of goods or services that are subject to VAT in the course of business. In basic terms, it refers to the tax levied by the provider on the goods sold to the client.

    What is the VAT and how does it affect a business?

    The VAT cost is usually borne by the final customer, while businesses collect and account for the tax, thereby functioning as a tax collector for the government. A company pays the government the tax it collects from customers, and it may obtain a return from the government on the tax it pays to its suppliers.

    What should you do if you're unsure about the VAT rate?

    If not, we can conduct a study to determine the correct VAT rates to apply. If we are still unsure about which VAT rates apply in certain instances, we can get a written judgement from the competent tax authority.

    Ensure Optimal Cashflow & Profitability With NetworkBD's VAT Services