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    Our Planning Services For Estate's Safeguarding Your Wealth & Protecting Family

    Estate planning is the process of putting together a detailed strategy for managing your fortune while you’re alive and dispersing it when you pass away. You may possess these assets individually or collectively with others. Estate planning is the process of preserving and distributing your assets both during your lifetime and after you pass away. It’s about achieving your personal and family goals, making your financial and legal concerns easier to handle, and avoiding taxes if your estate is significant enough to be taxed. When we talk about estate, we’re referring to all of your assets, regardless of their worth, such as real estate, business interests, investments, insurance payouts, personal property, and even your personal effects.

    Our Estate Services Planning Are Designed To Meet Your Wishes

    1. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe while you’re still alive


    A solid estate plan can protect your interests and provide your loved ones authorization to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.


    2. To make things clear


    An estate plan not only allows you to leave precise instructions on how assets should be passed down but can also help you avoid family feuds.


    3. Probate should be avoided if at all possible


    Without appropriate planning, the probate procedure can take a long time and need a lot of effort to complete. Furthermore, any size estate might be burdened with probate fees and taxes.


    4. To safeguard the privacy of your family


    Anyone can see who was named as an heir in your will in places where wills are considered public records. At the absolute least, your family may be flooded with adverts from businesses attempting to promote their services. Your privacy, as well as the privacy of your family members, can be protected with proper estate planning.


    5. To save money on taxes and leave more money to your loved ones


    A properly prepared estate plan can assist families to avoid paying more taxes than required whether they are currently subject to estate taxes or may become so in the future.

    The Key Focus Points

    Your “estate,” as previously stated, consists of all property you owned at the time of your death:


    1. The real estate market

    2. Have a bank account

    3. Stocks and other securities as investments

    4. Policies for life insurance

    5. Personal belongings such as a car, artwork, and so on


    Fulfill Your Dreams With Our Strategic Planning Services

    NetworkBD can assist you in achieving the following goals, regardless of your age or the size of your estate:

    1. Determine to whom you want to leave your property after you die (generally, this includes family members and other loved ones).

    2. Ascertain that your property is distributed to those you have identified/nominated with the fewest legal obstacles possible.

    3. Reduce the amount of taxes that must be paid so that your property can be passed on to others after you die.

    4. Set up living trusts to avoid the time-consuming probate process.

    5. Make a decision about the type of medical care you want if you become incapacitated and are unable to communicate your wishes.

    6. Decide and plan your own funeral according to your wishes (including how related expenses are to be paid).

    Top 6 Benefits Of The Services

    1. Estate planning is more than just profits

    Many people believe that estate planning is only for the wealthy ones. Although people who are rich or have amassed a significant amount of wealth consider estate distribution, estate planning is for everyone because it ensures that your loved ones are well cared for and that your estates are distributed properly.

    2. Get advantages of planning ahead of time

    Many people avoid estate planning because they believe they do not own large estates, that they are still young, or that they are too busy. Many people are perplexed by estate planning and are unsure who can assist them. When something bad happens to them, however, it is up to their families and loved ones to pick up the pieces. Instead, estate planning allows you to consider and organize your estate distribution and beneficiary designations.

    3. Estate planning is not always prohibitively expensive

    Yes, estate planning can be a cost-effective option. Rather than looking for a complex estate plan, you can easily start with what you can afford. A will, term life insurance, health care decisions, and powers of attorney for your assets are all good places to start for a single adult or a young family.

    4. Now is the right time

    Many people are aware of the possibility and reality of death and incapacity, but few consider their own mortality or the possibility of being unable to make decisions for themselves. As a result, when incapacity or death strikes, many families are caught off guard and unprepared.

    5. It provides you with peace of mind

    This is without a doubt the most important benefit of estate planning. A well-planned and executed estate distribution will provide you and your family with peace of mind.

    6. Allow professionals to handle your estate

    Estate planning is a continuous process rather than a one-time event. Your estate plan should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as your family and financial circumstances (including laws and regulations) change. An experienced attorney or professional estate planning advisor can offer crucial advice and assistance in ensuring that all of your documents are properly prepared and handled.

    FAQ For Estate Planning Services

    Can a beneficiary of estates also be an executor?

    Yes. However, they have to at-least 18 years old.

    What is an estate?

    Your estate includes everything you own, from huge assets like your home to minor personal belongings. Moreover, it’s also referred to as your net worth.

    Why is estate planning important?

    Many people avoid formal estate planning because they don’t believe they have “a lot of assets”. Otherwise, expect that their possessions would be automatically dispersed among their children and spouse once they pass away.

    However, intestacy laws will take over if you don’t make suitable legal arrangements for the management of your assets following your death.

    Moreover, if you die without making an estate plan, your estate will be subjected to probate, which is a public, court-supervised process. As a result, it ties up your assets for a long time before your beneficiaries receive them.

    How much does estate planning cost?

    The types of paperwork and legal instruments required to meet your personal goals, as well as the complexity of your estate and strategy, determine the cost of estate planning.

    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys.

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