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Secure & Affordable Trust Management Services In Bangladesh

For all forms of trust, we offer trust management services. We also collaborate with our succession planning and wills team to handle trusts established through wills, such as 18–25 trusts and Immediate Post Death Interest will trusts.


Our trust management team provides trustees with guidance on how to manage trust assets and prepares annual accounts and tax reports. We can provide guidance on a broader range of tax issues, such as inheritance tax calculations and returns. We provide guidance on trustee changes and the proper dissemination of information to beneficiaries.

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Focusing Areas Of Our Trust Management Services

We also provide charitable trust management services, which include day-to-day asset and fund management as well as liaisons with independent auditors. Our trust management staff keeps accurate accounting records and prepares annual reports in accordance with Statements of Recommended Practice.

The following are examples of our trust management expertise:

  1. Advice on trustee obligations and duties.
  2. Managing and administering trust assets.
  3. Making capital and income distributions.
  4. Accounting records must be kept up to date, and annual trust accounts must be prepared.
  5. The performance of investment management is being monitored.
  6. Annual tax returns must be completed and tax payments must be made.
  7. Inheritance tax compliance is important.
  8. Preparation of income tax certificates for beneficiaries.
  9. Attending trustees’ meetings and communicating with expert advisers are both required.

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In the event of a death, divorce, or insolvency, trust management is an effective and systematic procedure for administering and managing assets on behalf of a person or business.


A trust management service, in general, entails a fiduciary, such as a trust company, or an agent or trustee who acts as the custodian for trusts and estates. To be more specific, the trust company aids in asset management, stock transfer, beneficial ownership registration, and other related arrangements, as well as the transfer of assets to a beneficial party.

Preserve Wealth For Future With Perfect Trust Management Service

We all recognize that asset management during your life or after your death is more complex than most individuals realize, and it usually requires the experience and expertise of a Representative or Executor. Many people believe that trust administration is only for the wealthy. The truth is that trust management is not for the wealthy.


So, what’s the point of having one? Let us put it this way: you have worked hard to improve and monitor your financial health in order to provide security for your family. However, you must account for unforeseen events such as illness or accidents, which could result in early resignation (earlier than expected) or death. As a result, effective trust management will assist you in reducing risk and properly planning your asset management.


Establishing a legal arrangement known as a “trust” is one way to protect the future of your finances. In the event of incompetence, trust management can actually help you keep control of your assets (due to ill health or any mishaps happened to you and you are unable to manage your assets). When there are a huge number of assets, trusts can be recognized to maintain control over the assets even after the proprietor has died.

Important Criteria For Choosing Our Trust Management Service

A trust company, by definition, is a separate legal entity that manages trusts and estates and is owned by a bank or other financial institution, a law firm, or an independent partnership.

  1. What is a Trustee and what is their role? 


A Trustee is a person or financial institution who has a legal fiduciary duty to administer a trust for the benefit of designated beneficiaries. Bill payment, taxation, property management, and investment management are some of the responsibilities of a trustee.


3 Functions of a Trustee:


  1. Accounting, laws, court decisions, and regulations relating to trusts, insurance, and taxes are all well-understood and have adequate knowledge.
  2. Has experience in both the investment and asset management fields.
  3. Someone who is proactive, attentive, dependable, and ethical while acting in the customer’s and beneficiary’s greatest interests.


  1. Engaging the Services of a Trust Company:


We can deduce from the foregoing that finding someone qualified to serve as a trustee is difficult. However, you may choose to have your estate managed by a trust company. A professional Trust company is said to be completely unbiased and unaffected by any situation.

Let The Experts Of NetworkBD Take Over

We understand how difficult it is to find a single person who possesses all of the necessary professional qualities to oversee a trust. If you’re looking for a reputable agent or trust company, please get in touch with us. Our associate partner’s trust management professionals are well-trained to perform trustee duties and provide responsive client service.

FAQs For Trust Management Service

What are the advantages of having a trust?

With a trust, you can take use of not just our extensive financial possibilities, but also arrange for us to execute a variety of specific services. These customized services could include everything from making estimated tax payments to offering full personal financial management.

n addition, you can also name one or more beneficiaries to receive the trust’s assets when you pass away.   Alternatively, you can have your trust last beyond your lifetime. As a result, providing income and assistance to your spouse, a child, or others whom you name.

How expensive is your trust management service?

Fees imposed by brokers and other advisory firms are quite competitive. We are totally fee-based because we act in a fiduciary position. As a result, we are entirely focused on increasing the size of your investment portfolio.</p”>

How much investment return will I get?

Our purpose as a trustee is to give predictable long-term returns. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on asset allocation based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Who should be the trustee of my trust?

First and foremost, look for experience. Because, you’ll need such experience to secure your financial future and that of your family.

Moreover, your trustee should have both financial and professional investment experience. Trusteeship should be considered as a full-time job, with the trustee participating in the financial markets on a daily basis.

Be Stress & Duty-Free By Ensuring Proper Management Of Your Trust