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    Reduce The Risks Of Your Business With Our Trustee Services

    Our expert trustee services can assist you in preserving, protecting, and transferring your assets accordingly to your wishes. NetworkBD is ideally position to supply trustees for a wide range of trusts to help you achieve your current and as long as term objectives. Accordingly our Family Business Cash team prioritizes your needs. Surely that your wealth and assets are properly managed.


    When it comes to establishing a trust, choosing the correct trustee for your purposes is crucial. Our trustee services ensure that your financial resources are well-managed so that the assets entrusted to us are finally distributed to the trust’s beneficiaries. We are able to deliver a truly worldwide service to our clients since we have offices in 83 countries.

    trustee services In Bangladesh

    Our Trustee Services Designed To Meet Your Needs

    Our trustees can serve as sole trustee, co trustee, or also successor trustee, depending on your needs. Although our clients’ trusts have a wide range of arrangements and needs. We actively listen to our customers and also adjust our service offerings to their specific needs. Access competently execute rather the legal tasks entrust to us to carry out the provisions of the trust. Also we may also help with a variety of additional tasks, such as:


    1. Performing accounting and tax tasks, as well as reporting

    2. Board and other meeting coordination, organization, and also hosting

    3. Board packets, minutes, and another reports are prepare.

    4. Accounts and also transactions are examine.

    5. Record keeping is important.

    Why Our Trustee Services Are Beneficial to You?

    Choosing NetworkBD as your trustee in detail comes with a variety of benefits, including:


    1. Quality and experience are important factors

    Our trustees are chose for their trust management qualifications, abilities, and also experience. Still they are train to stay up with the newest advancements in governance.


    2. Continuity

    Surely continuity is thanks to a wide pool of trustees.


    3. Local presence and global reach

    We have more than 125 offices in 83 jurisdictions, serving clients from all corners of the globe.


    4. Single service provider

    We also offer support services such as accounting, tax compliance, secretarial, and reporting in addition to trustee services.


    The international client base of NetworkBD is diversified and also includes family offices with members located above all the world. We are an impartial third party, which means we may work with your auditors, advisors, and also banks without causing conflicts of interest in corporate governance or violating local regulatory requirements.

    Create A Variety Of Trusts With Us

    At this instant create a variety of trust with an impartial trustee who has no conflicts of interest in a range of highly respect jurisdiction.


    The flexibility and distinctive qualities of a trust ensure that it will provide benefits to the settlor and his or her family both during the settlor’s lifetime and after he or she goes away.

    The ultimate success of a trust is determine during by the trustee chose. Eventually we’ve been offering expert trustee services for many years. We do not provide asset management services, but we do collaborate with third-party asset managers, banks, attorneys, auditors, and other advisers.


    We provide complete estate planning solutions that include a variety of trust structures that address individual interests (such as education, special needs, works of art, philanthropy, and so on), as well as cultural considerations.

    Why Trust NetworkBD As Your Partner?

    1. Expertise


    We deliver industry-leading, comprehensive life-cycle solutions and also have an unrivaled understanding in all capital markets areas.

    2. Innovation


    We’re always changing because of our growth and innovation culture. Though we employ cutting-edge technologies to keep your information safe.


    3. Global


    Because of our global network, we can provide management and administrative services for debt financing transactions all over the world.

    FAQs For Trustee Services In Bangladesh

    Why is the role of trustee so important?

    One of the most critical tasks is to select a trustee. Since, being a trustee has enormous obligations. Moreover, providing quality service necessitates experience and knowledge that not everyone possesses.

    Therefore, a corporate trustee is always a better choice. Additionally, incompetent trustee services can have serious ramifications for both you and the trustee. Therefore, NetworkBD is an ideal choice to serve as trustee.

    What should I consider when selecting a trustee?

    When choosing your trustee, keep the following points in mind.

    1. Do they have a lengthy lifespan?
    2. If they have legal knowledge?
    3. Do they have experience in asset management?
    4. Are they good at keeping track of things?
    5. Is it possible for them to disclose income separately as required?
    6. Do they act in a fair manner?
    7. Will they be loyal to your trust agreement or will they go their own way?

    What are the duties of a trustee?

    The Following Are The Duties Of A Trustee:

    1. Take custody of assets and also keep them under your control.
    2. Collect money owed to you and also pay your bills.
    3. Ensure that your accounting and also records are clear and accurate.
    4. Account for your actions as a trustee on a frequent basis.
    5. Estate, inheritance, and also income taxes must all be paid.

    How do I set up a special needs trust?

    A Special Needs Trust is designed to handle settlement cash while still allowing the beneficiary to participate in government services. However, if you’re not sure how to set one up, give us a call today and we’ll walk you through it.

    Experienced, Independent, Skilled Professionals NetworkBD Helps You Manage & Operate Trust