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    Get Affordable, Professional & Legally Binding Will Writing Services

    We think that everyone, regardless of their estate value, should have access to affordable, professional, and legally binding Wills that protect them and their beneficiaries. We are now making it even easier for consumers to access our award-winning expertise in Will writing, thanks to our years of experience in designing Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans.


    Many people overlook the importance of will writing services in their financial planning. While many people believe that their assets are too insignificant to “worry about,” others are concerned about the costs of will writing, believing that it will cost them an arm and a leg.

    Will Writing Service

    Get Quick Efficient & Effective Online Will Solution

    A will is a legal document in which you, the testator, express your wishes for how your property and assets will be distributed after you die. Our Will Service adheres to the same high standards and legal requirements as our award-winning personal counseling service. We value your privacy and will provide you with secure access to NetworkBD via your own unique username and password.


    You’re in charge, and you make all the decisions! Who will inherit your estate, who will be your children’s Guardians, who will be your Executors, and what are your funeral preferences are. We’ve condensed the same outstanding concepts of service, quality, and knowledge that we use every day to design professional Estate Plans for our Clients into a quick, efficient, and effective online solution.

    Get 5 Special Benefits Of Our Will Services

    Our Experts Will Ensure A Satisfactory Distribution Of Your Estates

    When you write a will, you are appointing someone trustworthy and honest to be the executor of your estate, and the executor will assist you in 5 ways:

    1. Manage your assets and property;
    2. Ensure there are no outstanding debt payments;
    3. Properly distribute your assets;
    4. Notify your banks and creditors that you have died.
    5. Represent your estate in probate court.


    Our Job Is To Establish A Will For Your Life’s Work

    A legal guardianship can be established with the help of a will. Parents can name individuals to be their children’s guardians in their wills, ensuring that the children receive the care they need, such as housing, food, education, and healthcare, until they reach the legal age to receive these benefits under Bangladesh law.

    We Write A Perfect Will By Following The Legal Wills Act

    Wills in Bangladesh is governed by the Wills Act. In general, there are several approaches to writing a will:


    The most common method of writing a will is through a lawyer. The following are some of the 4 advantages of hiring a lawyer to write your will:


    1. Seeking professional help with the distribution of your assets and properties.
    2. Ensure that the will is written in a clear and concise manner.
    3. Making sure there are no mistakes when drafting the will
    4. The ability to create a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) at the same time.


    The will is supplemented by an LPA, which is a legal document. It allows one to appoint one or more people to participate in the decision-making process and act on his behalf in the event of mental incapacity. Simply put, an LPA is activated when a person loses mental capacity, whereas the will is activated when a person passes away.


    Furthermore, hiring a lawyer for a will writing service entails professional liability. Legal action can be taken against a lawyer if there is negligence or malpractice in the writing of a will.


    Online Will Writing: People can use online will-writing services instead of hiring a lawyer.


    Write Your Own Will: You can also choose to write your own will.

    Laws Regarding Writing Legal Wills

    A will is a legal declaration of how a person wishes his or her property to be used after his or her death. Unlike a Trust, which takes effect immediately after it is established, a Will is only enforceable after the creator passes away.


    1. A will’s maker is known as a ‘Testator,’ while the person charged with carrying it out is known as an ‘Executor.’ The person who receives the will property is referred to as a ‘legatee.’


    2. Wills in Bangladesh are governed by a combination of legislative and religious principles. Wills in Bangladesh are generally governed by the Succession Act 1925. However, Muslim Personal Laws on this issue are more prevalent in this country due to the leniency of requirements and the preference of the majority. One of the four obligatory duties performed for the deceased in Islam is the execution of a will, or (Wassiyyah).


    3. A Muslim can only leave 1/3 of his property to his heirs in a will. The testator’s intention must be crystal clear that the wasiyyah will be executed after his death.


    4. A will is defined as “the legal declaration of a testator’s intention with respect to his property that he desires to be carried into effect after his death,” according to section 2(h) of the Succession Act 1925.


    5. Every person of sound mind who is not a minor may dispose of his property by will, according to section 59 of the Act. In Bangladesh, a person reaches adulthood at the age of eighteen, according to section 3 of the Majority Act 1875. As a result, anyone over the age of eighteen is eligible to make a will under the Succession Act. However, an adult who has reached the age of fifteen is also eligible to make a will under Islamic law.


    6. A will must be in writing, signed by the testator, and attested by at least two witnesses, according to Section 63 of the Succession Act. However, under Muslim personal law, a will may be made orally or in writing, and if made in writing, it does not need to be signed or attested. However, in Muslim law, the requirement of two witnesses is the same as in the preceding section.


    7. The only proper evidence of the executor’s appointment is a probate, which is obtained to authenticate the validity of the will. The court that grants probate of a will establishes it and makes all the acts of the executor valid under section 227 of the 1925 Act. To make the will effective, the receiver must file a probate suit with the District Judge Court. However, there are no such requirements in Islamic law.


    8. Revocation of a will is only possible if the testator makes another will, according to both the 1925 Act and Muslim personal law.


    9. When it comes to wills, both sets of rules work together to ensure that they are carried out legally. There are numerous parallels and differences between the two. Both the law and the practice are in harmony, with some limitations that have yet to be discovered.

    What Makes NetworkBD Different?

    NetworkBD has years of experience providing our clients with a variety of services, including Bangladesh Will writing. Customers in Bangladesh may rely on us for experienced guidance and assistance. We can also provide you with information about your options over the phone, or if you want, we can write your Will at your home. This consultation is completely free, and you are under no obligation to use our services afterward.

    You will profit from the following advantages if you use our Will writing services:


    1. Access to our trained team of will writers
    2. Will writing is affordable, and we offer a full variety of estate planning services.
    3. Quick reversal

    For Better Results, Hire NetworkBD

    While you can do it yourself or online, it is best to hire a professional will writer to avoid making any mistakes while drafting your will. Our associate partners should be able to answer any questions you may have about professional will writing services. For a professional will writing service, contact us today.

    FAQs For Will Writing Service

    What happens if I don't leave a will?

    The ‘rules of intestacy’ will apply if you die without a will. This means that your estate will be divided in a specific sequence based on the worth of your estate and the number of family members who survive you.

    This could result in your possessions transferring to individuals you don’t want to inherit from you! If you are not married, your partner will not inherit anything from you unless you leave a will.

    Will you help change my will?

    You are able to alter or cancel your will as long as you have testamentary capacity. However, we recommend reviewing every 3-5 years or when significant life events occur. Such as, marriage, divorce, the birth of children, the death of a beneficiary, or if your financial status changes.

    What are mirror wills?

    Two independent wills, generally made by a couple, are known as mirror wills. These reciprocal wills frequently name the same executors and make the same gifts they ‘mirror’ each other.

    However, simple mirror wills are created when you and your spouse make wills leaving everything to each other and then to your children.

    Is hiring a solicitor necessary to make a will?

    You do not need to hire a solicitor to create your will. You can write your own will, However, we don’t encourage it because there are many things that can go wrong and leave you without a legitimate will if you don’t seek expert help.

    Because, we are specialist Will Writers, we recommend Will Writers. Moreover,  you may rest assured that we are skilled at writing and advising on will. Also, that, that we keep our expertise and training up to date.</p >

    Find The Right Will Writers In Bangladesh Easily & Affordably With NetworkBD