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    Grab Our Well-designed And High Quality Meeting Room Services!

    Is it accurate to say that you are looking for your next meeting room in Dhaka, Bangladesh? With NetworkBD you can investigate, find and book your ideal Meeting room, preparing room, or meeting room in only a couple of clicks. The meeting room rental process could be easier for you with us. 

    With more than 2,000 meeting room areas worldwide to browse, you can get a space in a portion of the world’s most notable structures, helpful business parks and city centers. Completely outfitted and furnished with quality show gear, our Meeting spaces assist with making that terrifically significant positive initial feeling. Furthermore, with web access given as standard and scope of extra conveniences accessible, including providing food, you can feel certain that your Meeting room rental has all that you need to make your Meeting a success. 

    In this way, whether you are looking to impress a potential client, have a meeting room meeting, or present an essential pitch, you will make certain to track down the right Meeting room space for your next registered office at NetworkBD.

    Grab Our High Quality Meeting and Conference room Services

    The NetworkBD Give You Best Support with Authentic Promises

    1. Built for Business 


    Regardless of whether you need a Meeting room or preparing room, our Meeting spaces are situated in proficient business centers. 


    2. Meet Securely & Safely


    We’ve carried out cleanliness and physical separating measures to make meeting spaces you can have a sure outlook on utilizing. 


    3. All that You Need 


    From equipment to catering, your Meeting room can be provided with whatever you need for an effective Meeting. 


    4. Book with Confidence


    With more than 50,000 satisfied clients consistently, our Meeting room booking framework makes it simple to get the right space.

    How Our Meeting Rooms Work for you!

    Find the perfect venue, instructional meeting, Meeting, or off-site studio in Dhaka. Our rooms have the most recent screen and videoconferencing innovation – and a help group to assist with keeping things moving along as planned. Tweak the format and furniture so it works for you, and use projectors, whiteboard, and flipcharts on the off chance that you need them. So get the special conference room services with 24 hours to call answering services.

    Meeting Rooms 

    Proficient spaces for your next instructional course, meeting or pitch, any place you need it. 


    1. 1000s of rooms to look over 
    2. Arrange to suit your requirements 
    3. Meeting group to welcome visitors

    Conference Rooms 

    Rooms furnished with cutting edge videoconferencing and equipment. 


    1. Business-grade web 
    2. Arrange to suit your requirements 
    3. Whiteboards and projectors

    Training Rooms 

    Reason built spaces, ideal for instructional courses, with on location cooking and support. 


    1. Providing food choices accessible 
    2. Backing group nearby 
    3. Break-out regions

    Interview Rooms 

    Interview candidates in your decision of expert, motivating, loose or discreet rooms. 


    1. Book for 1 hour or more 
    2. Secretary welcomes up-and-comers 
    3. Show gear accessible

    Event Venues 

    Unite individuals to learn, organize and have a good time in Meeting spaces to suit any occasion. 


    1. Areas from one side of the planet to the other 
    2. Scope of spaces accessible 
    3. On location support group

    Board Meetings 

    The ideal setting for your most significant Meetings, with areas all throughout the world. 


    1. Book however long you need 
    2. Meeting group to welcome visitors 
    3. Videoconferencing and projectors

    Get Benefited From Our Meeting Room Rental Support Services


    Dedicated meeting spaces can benefit you in many ways-


    1. It helps to establish a strong professional impression on your clients and this can earn you a strong client base.
    2. A meeting room ensures privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information and business deals.
    3. A meeting room helps to focus so that you can get down on business with ease and without distractions.
    4. A meeting room helps to plan ahead of the schedule to be sure of having enough spaces to accommodate everyone.
    5. A meeting room establishes strong connectivity and secures every confidential communication.
    6. A well appointed meeting room includes office support systems to get tasks at hands done in time.
    7. Working in a meeting room helps everyone understand professionalism and conduct business effortlessly.

    FAQ For Exclusive Meeting Room Support

    1. How should a meeting room be set up according to Network BD?

    We use a round-table style for a discussion-style meeting by arranging tables in a circle or semicircle so that each participant can see everyone else. A boardroom set up with one large rectangle or smaller tables in rows with each participant facing the same direction can be used for presentations.

    2. How do you set up a team meeting room?

    Make some breakout rooms.
    • Get the meeting started.
    • Select Breakout rooms from the meeting controls.
    • Complete the following tasks: Choose the number of rooms you require (50 max). Choose whether you want Teams to assign people to rooms evenly (automatically) or manually (manually)….
    • Go to the Create Rooms option.

    3. What are our different types of meeting room equipment?

    Equipment to make meetings more productive.

    • A conference table is available. Conference tables are a big deal in most meeting rooms because they are the dominant focal point.


    • Chairs with a high back.


    • A board that is interactive.


    • Audio/visual projector (digital)


    • Surround sound system


    • Speakerphone.


    • Television.

    4. How do I reserve a meeting room and pay for it?

    You can book meeting rooms through your On Demand system and then call us to make the reservation. The cost of a meeting room is determined by the size of the room and the time of day. All prices can be emailed to you or given to you over the phone. It can be paid for with a credit card, cash, or a paycheck.

    Get You World-Class Meeting Rooms Support Service