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Stay Connected Easily with Our Phone Forwarding System!

Call forwarding or phone forwarding refers to the most common way of forwarding incoming calls that land on your business number to the right office or area. These calls can be sent on any landline or cell phone. It furnishes the ideal answer for associate with your clients and to have their requests addressed every minute of every day which guarantees the best client experience and arrangements. With NetworkBD you can get the dependability of an expert call forwarding framework which will guarantee that your incoming business leads never go unanswered. We offer a cell phone forwarding administration in Bangladesh. 


Our framework takes into account limitless Call Forwarding choices which are mostly helpful in the event that you have various customers, partners, or clients bringing in on a similar Inbound Number. For us all your calls is significant, regardless of the number of calls are gotten each day we can advance them to changed areas so that no calls are missed, for example, calls can be sent to the Customer Service Representative’s portable, Accounts Department, or It Support Department’s number. Again in the event that there are a few rules where the contact community doesn’t present, the call can be sent to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) framework. This is how we keep giving the phone forwarding services. 

Stay Connected Easily with Phone Forwarding-Service

Our Cost-Effective and Unique Call IVR Or Phone Forwarding Services

The intuitive Voice Response (IVR) framework for phone forwarding service permits clients to communicate through the phone keypad or with a PC through discourse acknowledgment. IVR is extremely helpful in circumstances when a contact community leader is absent, yet clients actually require connecting. NetworkBD gives an IVR administration that is a cost-effective opinion for an alternative for acquiring a benefit over competitors and building consumer satisfaction. Our phone forwarding services pay attention for you to acquire benefits. 

How Our Call IVR Process Make You Benefited!

  • 1. Makes you accessible 24/7 to your clients at whatever point required and from any area
  • 2. Gives any kind of data about your business contributions
  • 3. Take orders from clients
  • 4. Forward client calls to the particular organization division or office
  • 5. Redo menus, on-hold capacities, and transfer choice

Access Wide Range of Call Forwarding Systems

  • 1. Immediately configure your own modified standards to advance calls
  • 2. Develop advance forwarding plan dependent on schedule of day
  • 3. Calls can be received and work should be possible from anyplace
  • 4. Calls can be sent to any number or device

Our Smart Phone Forwarding Process Improves Customer Experience


Our phone forwarding services will assist you with interfacing with each client that approaches your business telephone number consequently to the top specialist. It will assist with decreasing the holding up season of clients, the quantity of call transfer blunders and the manual exertion of route inbound calls to determine the inquiries and issues of your guests immediately. In this way, your bonding with your customers and clients will be solid which will bring about a productive result for your business.

Take Excellent of Phone Forwarding Services With NetworkBD

There are a lot of reasons to take a phone forwarding service so you can take your business wherever you are. Some of the benefits are as follows:


  1. You can route all your incoming callers, regardless of their department or location to any or all of your devices.
  2. You can have sequential or simultaneous ringing to ensure availability and balance of response between all calls.
  3. You can set up your own call redirection rules based on different criteria, like time of the day, day of week, caller ID etc.
  4. You can create custom rules to handle calls with limited bandwidth and choose how to build a schedule based on the time of the day and phone you  have  access to.
  5. You can choose the way of handling incoming and unanswered calls. 

FAQ For Phone Forwarding in Bangladesh

1. What are the call forwarding options available through Network BD?

  1. Unconditional call forwarding: All calls are forwarded.
  2.  Phone forwarding or Call forwarding with conditions:
  • If you don’t answer a call, it will be forwarded.
  • Busy: When your line is busy, forward calls.

iii. Phone forwarding or call forwarding in a series: Calls are routed through a series of numbers until they are answered. This option is only available to customers who are corporately liable.

2. What is our procedure for setting up Call Forwarding?

You can forward your phone calls or voice mails to another phone number, such as another mobile phone or a landline phone, as well as your home or office number, using phone Forwarding.

3. How do we budget for Call Forwarding?

If you don’t need unlimited minutes, you’ll be charged according to your plan for all forwarded calls. Even if the phone forwarding is done to a landline, you will be owed the same amount as if you responded to the call from your mobile phone.

Most plans do not charge a monthly fee for call or voicemail forwarding. Some older plans, however, may be subject to a fee. As a result, if you have a long-distance plan, you won’t be charged for forwarded calls.

4. Are there any limitations on the number to which I can forward calls in Bangladesh?

The Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Authority of Bangladesh (PTT) does not allow phone calls or voice mail to be forwarded with the phone forwarding process outside of Bangladesh.

This means you own or want to own a phone number in Bangladesh. If you want your Bangladesh calls diverted to another country or forwarded to an international number, you won’t be able to do so using the Bangladesh phone numbers (PTT).

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