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    Enhance Your Business Performance with Virtual Registered Address

    NetworkBD offers Virtual Office Address/Bangladesh Company Address/Registered Address Services that can be utilized for enrolling Bangladesh business or company, just as giving a mailing information to Bangladesh enlisted company to use on corporate writing material ( cards, letterheads, and so on)

    • 1. You should buy in to our yearly secretarial help for your company/branch office.
    • 2. You should buy in to our Registered Address Services for your business entity
    • 3. For mailing/courier course of action
    • 4. For open and scan letter administrations upon demand, it is liberated from charges. (limitless checking)

    For collection of letters/parcels from NetworkBD’s office, kindly bring along your ID archives like NID, driving permit, identification, and so on for personality check purposes. On the off chance that the individual who will gather the letter/parcel isn’t an overseer of the Company yet an approved work force, if it’s not too much trouble, present to us an approval letter endorsed by a director before we could deliver the letters/parcels to the approved individual. Regardless in case NetworkBD can’t check the personality of the individual gathering the letters/parcels NetworkBD might put forth the best attempt to attempt different means, for example, reaching the director through call, email or other telecom implies for the reason. On the off chance that any of such verification fails, NetworkBD will reserve the option to dismiss the attempted collection.

    Enhance Your Business Performance with Virtual Registered Address

    Best  Price  In Bangladesh For Setting  Up Office Address


    Our 8 Registered Address Services Package Includes:

    • 1. No arrangement expenses for setting up Virtual Office Address/Registered Address Services account
    • 2. Statement of letter is accessible upon demand
    • 3. Free Scanning letter administrations upon demand
    • 4. Free day by day letter/package warnings by means of email
    • 5. Self-assortment of mail and bundles between a whole week: (9am to 6pm)
    • 6. BIDA Registered address for your private limited company
    • 7. Address for use as a mailing address (on name cards, letterheads, and so on)
    • Receipt of ordinary sends, air sends, bundles (under 3 kg) or registered sends

    Classified Instructions to Sign Up For Registered Address

    On the off chance that you don’t have a nearby Bangladesh enlisted address to meet the necessity of the Bangladesh Act, you can in any case connect with our Registered Address Service. We will give the Bangladesh Registered Address Service gave your company buy in to our yearly secretarial help. 


    In the event that the above conditions are met, you can information exchange for Virtual Office Address/Registered Address Services at our office with our well disposed in-house client support officials or email us and the officials will get back to you up in 24 Hours.

    Our Virtual Office Services Will be The Right Choice For You

    • 1. Appreciate cost savings funds by telecommuting without the high overhead expenses related with month to month rentals of office premises.
    • 2. To give you true serenity, we guarantee we won’t build your cost during the assistance residency.
    • 3. We are Bangladeshi generally reasonable and dependable virtual official supplier — you can trust us!

    Our Expert & Professional Guidance For Change of Address


    The following parties should to be informed about a change of address:

    • 1. MOM – Should you have an EP online record; you can present the difference in address on the web. On the other hand, you can download the structure from: Request Form for Updates of Company Particulars and present a printed copy to update the changes.
    • 2. BIDA – To be updated by the company secretary
    • 3. CPF – Should you have CPF account, you can present the difference in address on the web. Then again, you can download the structure from Change of Employer’s Principal Place of Business/Contact Details and present a printed version to update the changes.
    • 4. RJSC – No update is required as it is updated automatically and connected to your BIDA record.
    • 5. Bank – You can visit any branch office of your bank to finish and present their structure for the difference in address.

    4 Special Reasons to Choose NetworkBD For Register Office Address

    Choose all the virtual office services knowing everything effectively. Some of the reasons you might want to register your business virtually are:


    1. Managing Your Costs Efficiently


    In comparison to traditional offices, registered office addresses can provide a massive draw from all the substantial cost savings since renting an office space means a constant outgoing cash flow.


    2. Protecting Your Privacy 


    If you do not want your personal address on your public business domain in case of not having an office space offline, a virtual office address can help you solve the problem. 


    3. Not to be Violated 


    Get protection against any kind of violation of contracts, especially if you rent your business address so you do not face any kind of threat. 


    4. Prompt Documentation


    After dealing with all issues, alerts and updates, your documents are scanned thoroughly and delivered to you the same day we receive it.  

    FAQ For  Virtual Registered Address Services

    1. What method do you use to plan your packages?

    Business Address: Starting at 1900 Taka, you can get a professional business address in a reputable area of Bangladesh.

    An office base; documentation usage; mail or email service are just a few of the services available.


    Virtual Office: Starts at 4500 taka for a virtual office. With us, you can establish an immediate business presence.

    Call answering service, use of Global business lounges, and thousands of locations are just a few of the services available.


    Virtual Office Plus: Monthly fees start at 6500 Taka. Access to a workspace is included in the package.

    Exclusive use of meeting room, 5 days of office use per month, and business lounge network service are just a few of the benefits.

    2. How do Network BD set up a Virtual Office?

    The best part is that Virtual Office only takes a few minutes to set up. Steps that we followed are: Step 1: Investigate Find your ideal Center by using our global street numbers. Step 2: Choose the Virtual Office plan that best suits your company’s needs. Step 3: Join and complete the online installment to become a member. Additionally, we will provide contact information so that our team can follow up and make game plans to help your company.

    3. How we differentiate between a virtual office and a virtual assistant?

    A virtual office provides a physical address, as well as mail receipt and handling, phone answering, and limited access to a professional workspace.

    In comparison to a full-time employee, a virtual assistant provides administrative support through a contract. A virtual assistant uses their office, software, and equipment to assist you with your tasks, eliminating the need to hire employees and all associated costs.

    4. How is it true that a virtual office is a cost-effective option?

    Virtual offices can help virtually any business professional. A virtual office could be the ideal solution for you if you are a start-up professional looking to cut costs, a government official looking for a presence with support services, or a more established entity looking to expand your business in Dhaka.

    A virtual office offers many of the same benefits as a traditional office without the cost of a full-time office. Virtual office packages are adaptable and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs at any time. Our virtual office packages are designed to grow with your business as it expands.

    A Registered Address that Benefits You in Every Ways