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NetworkBD’s Hassle-Free Shelf Company Customization & Transfer

Shelf company customization and transfer involve adapting a pre-registered company to meet the new owner’s needs and smoothly transitioning ownership. Firstly, this includes changes to the company’s name, address, shareholder information, and board of directors to align with the buyer’s goals and requirements.

NetworkBD offers a streamlined process for customizing and transferring shelf companies, eliminating typical hassles. With our efficient services, you can quickly tailor a shelf company to your needs and transfer ownership seamlessly. Whether you need to change the company name or shareholders, our experienced team ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience.

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Our Customization and Transfer Services for Shelf Companies

NetworkBD offers customized shelf company services, ensuring smooth and efficient transformations of pre-registered companies. Elevate your business setup with our expertise today.


Take a look at our shelf company customization & transfer services:

Detailed Consultancy

Our service begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your business objectives and preferred jurisdictions. Our seasoned consultants provide expert advice to help you choose the most suitable shelf company that aligns with your strategic goals.

Ownership Transfer

NetworkBD takes the hassle out of transferring ownership. Additionally, from preparing essential documents to filing with the right authorities, we’ve got it covered. Furthermore, our seamless process prevents delays, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition.

Data Personalization

Once you choose a shelf company, our team tailors it to meet your specific requirements. This process involves updating the company name, registered address, business activities, and other pertinent details. We ensure that all changes adhere to local laws and regulations.

Law Compliance

Our legal experts meticulously manage all the paperwork required for customization and transfer processes, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards. This approach manages risks and guarantees that your new shelf company is fully compliant from day one.

Database Selection

We provide a comprehensive database of pre-registered shelf companies across numerous industries and regions. With this diverse selection, you can easily find a company that aligns with your business vision. Thus we offer you multiple options to choose from.

Uninterrupted Support

Following the successful transfer of ownership, we remain committed to supporting you with a variety of additional services. These include secretarial support, HR consulting, ongoing compliance, and more, all designed to ensure your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

What Makes Our Customization & Transfer Process for Shelf Company Different?

NetworkBD provides customizable shelf companies designed to fit your business needs, offering tailored solutions with a focus on detail and excellence.

Let’s find out why our shelf company customization is different:

  1.  Free initial consultation to start without any commitment required.
  2.  Expert financial guidance to aid informed decision-making for you.
  3.  Our transfer process minimizes downtime for your new shelf company.
  4.  We suggest personalized options tailored to your shelf company’s needs.
  5.  Competitive pricing provides premium resources for your shelf company.
  6.  Regular updates on transfer keep you informed and ensure transparency.
  7.  Multiple payment options simplify managing your shelf company transaction.

Discover the Hidden Benefits of NetworkBD’s Shelf Company Transfers

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Instant Market Presence

Launch your business operations immediately using our pre-registered shelf company, thereby bypassing the lengthy registration process. This allows for rapid market entry and quick engagement with customers, giving you a head start.


Speedy Incorporation

NetworkBD takes care of all the legal as well as regulatory requirements and simplifies the incorporation process. Consequently, this also lets you focus on growing your business without the hassle of administrative tasks.


Extensive Customization

Our team tailors the company name, address, business activities, and other important details to match your specific business needs. Consequently, we ensure the shelf company complies with local legal requirements, making it a perfect fit.

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Reduced Legal Risks

By leveraging our expertise in customization and transfer processes, you effectively reduce the risk of legal complications and therefore ensure full compliance with regulatory standards, providing your business with operational security.


Cost Efficiency

Opting for our shelf company transfer service is often more economical than starting a new company from scratch. thus, you benefit from lower registration and compliance costs, allowing for better resource allocation.


Strategic Flexibility

Our shelf company customization and transfer service offers strategic adaptability. With an established company, you can swiftly capitalize on new market opportunities, giving you a competitive edge in dynamic business environments.

Questions You Want To Know

How long does the transfer process take?

The time it takes to prepare company documents depends on the complexity of customization. However, company documents are usually ready within 24 working hours, depending on the current workload at the Companies Registry.

What legal mechanisms does the Contract Act, 1872, provide for transferring shelf company contract rights?

The Contract Act of 1872 allows the transfer of contractual rights and obligations through assignment or novation. When transferring a shelf company, it’s crucial to follow the Act’s provisions to ensure the transfer is valid. Adhering to these requirements helps maintain compliance and avoid disputes.

What protections does the Bangladesh Contract Act, 1872, offer for customizing or transferring shelf company contracts?

The Contract Act of 1872 offers legal remedies for contract breaches, such as damages, specific performance, and injunctions. It helps resolve disputes related to customizing or transferring a shelf company, ensuring a smooth legal process and protecting all parties’ interests.

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