Why Us

Why to Choose Eicra?

Why Choose Our IT and Technical Solutions among others?

We are ready to start your IT and technical solutions contract anytime. As soon as you face trouble in your office system, we are here to troubleshoot it. Our highly trained staff provides professional, high-quality workstation tuning or network service at an affordable yearly package rates.

So far, our clients appreciated this annual contract schema for resolving all their IT issues at their companies as it compliments their annual company budget at the end of the day. Some reasons why clients choose us before other competitors in the market are:

  • Years of market experience
  • Excellent tech and support team
  • Our company is fast at technical perspective
  • We make an in-depth analysis of your problem
  • Our team is focused on your network 24×7, 365 days
Network Setup

Save up to 40% on your IT costs!

Network.com.bd IT support and monitoring services allow you to keep your business running smoothly while lowering your IT costs and hassles. Please pick from a variety of programs to fit your individual needs and budget. We can monitor and support any network type. So, whether you’re a small business with a few computers or a large organization with a dedicated IT department. We can reduce downtime, increase user satisfaction and lower your IT hassles in a short time. Call today for a custom package.

Help desk and End user support for IT and technical solutions

Office laptops, PCs, servers, firewalls, routers, printers and more! We can manage and maintain any IP accessible device. You decide if you want monitoring or a fully outsourced and supported IT department. Let our experts connect and repair issues right away. Simply pick up the phone or submit a ticket and one of our trained staff will be there to help you. On Site Services are also equally under our full priority.

Looking for a "Truly Worry-Free" IT and technical solutions?

Network.com.bd On-site Computer Services is the company you can trust for all your Computer Support needs. Dependable same day service is what you need to have.

As a IT business stronghold in the market, Network.com.bd is one of your trusted partner for IT Consulting, data management, virtual service and IT configuring process. Once under our service umbrella, we can get you on the road to higher success with reliable solutions in Bangladesh.

Network.com.bd delivers reliable Computer Support that can end the frustration over finding a reliable support provider. We are serving out clients regarding business IT platform all over Bangladesh. Eicra deliver strategic IT support solution for your business to stay ahead of the game in the industry.

Network.com.bd’ highly trained staffs provide fast, professional, high-quality workplace computer tuning service at an affordable rate and with ease and convenience of your business zone.

Our support plans include

  1. 24x7x365 IT monitoring of your entire network
  2. Patch and update management
  3. Reports to show usage, licenses and compliance requirements
  4. Ability to quickly troubleshoot and fix your issue
  5. Reduced costs on professional services
  6. Manage security software and surveillance system
  7. Remote Support of all your network devices
  8. Reports to show license compliance with security, license auditing, usage reports and more
Office IT Services

Less downtime under our IT and technical solutions

24x7x365 remote monitoring of all your PCs, servers and networks allows us to see IT problems before they happen. Get an inside look at what is going on in your network and let one our technicians address the problem right away before it becomes a major issue.

Manage Updates and Patches under our IT and technical solutions

Maintain safe, secure and compliant with our updating and patch management services. We can provide updates for your entire infrastructure without the headaches of your staff manually applying them every week.

Mobile Workforce Support for our IT and technical services

Laptops and mobile workers a part of almost every business today. Managing, securing and supporting those devices can be a challenge. With our managed services we can provide support and assistance to all of your mobile workers, anywhere with an Internet.
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