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Establish Your Founders Agreement Easily & Clearly With NetworkBD

We at NetworkBD provide world-class founders agreement services in Bangladesh. What could be more exciting than starting a company that you and your friends or investors are enthusiastic about? What about a founders agreement, for example? It’s a document that protects all of the company’s founders. A founders agreement is a legally enforceable contract that describes the duties, rights, and responsibilities of each business owner. It is usually written down. It could be a stand-alone document or part of company bylaws, LLC operating agreement, or partnership agreement. It’s intended to safeguard each founder’s interests and avoid future disputes.


A founder agreement is required if you wish to run your business with co-founders. You can hire a business lawyer or use an internet legal firm to help you form one, or you can do it yourself. This paper spells out each owner’s rights and responsibilities, which is a crucial step in avoiding co-founder disputes. We’ll show you exactly how to make one and everything goes into it.

4 Special Benefits Of Our Founders Agreement Services

1. Removes Problems


One of the most important features of this type of agreement is that it eliminates any potential conflicts between the agreement’s founders. By referring to this type of agreement in the future, any concerns that may emerge will be avoided.


2. Roles and Responsibilities are defined


The co-founders’ duties and obligations are clearly outlined in the founder’s agreement. The co-founders would be aware of their duties and responsibilities in relation to the firm or business as a result of this.


3. Ensures that roles are documented


The co-founders’ roles are documented. By referring to this agreement, any difficulty relating to the function of the founder can be avoided.


4. Dispute Settlement


Dispute resolution is one of the clauses that must be included in a founders agreement. The founders would be able to use mechanisms of conflict resolution such as arbitration, mediation, and out-of-court settlement more successfully if they had this in writing. This condition in the contract would also limit the quantity of courtroom litigation.

Key 5 Terminologies Present in Our Founders Agreement

We’ll look at the bits and pieces of a founders’ agreement now that we know what it is in general. What goes into making one? What will you need to talk about with your co-founder while you’re putting one together? What major considerations must you make before pursuing your winning company concept?


The founders and the company for which the regulations are being agreed upon are named in the agreement. This may appear to be quite basic—and it is. However, this does not negate the fact that it is a crucial aspect of your founders’ agreement!


It should be quite simple and uncomplicated to name your co-founders. There may be some difficult situations here, but everyone should be on the same page regarding who is spending their time, energy, and even money in this organization.


It may be more difficult to name your company, but chances are you’ve explored the topic before. And if it is, you’re in for a lively discussion! A founders agreement must have the following terminology or clauses:

1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality would be one of the most important requirements in the founders agreement. Following the founders’ agreement, the founders should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, also known as an NDA. The parties’ confidential information would be included in this agreement. Secrets about the company would be present. In the event of a breach of the terms, a specific individual might invoke the breach of the provisions clause.

2. Ownership or Equity Ownership

One of the most significant elements in a founders agreement is ownership or equity ownership. The amount of investment in the firm, the founders’ experience, intellectual property rights, information know-how, and the networking opportunities available would all influence equity ownership in the company. Some of the aforementioned would be contingent on a founder’s extensive experience.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and obligations of the founders should be specified in the agreement. This allows the co-founders to share their individual roles according to their needs. Individuals can manage diverse functions as a result of this.

4. Data Security

There must be a data protection clause in the agreement if it deals with the sensitive and personal data of stakeholders. The GDPR and the personal data protection bill’s principles must be included in this agreement.

5. Ability to Make Decisions

The founder’s agreement must expressly mention the ability to make decisions and accept responsibility. Aside from that, the founders must be assigned to several departments. The roles of the founders’ decision-making skills would be outlined in the agreement as a result of this.

Why NetworkBD For Founders Agreement?

Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing our founders agreement is critical:

  1. Describe each owner’s role in the company.
  2. Provides a framework for resolving founder disagreements.
  3. If and when a partner needs to enter or quit the business, this information is accurate.
  4. Defends small business owners.
  5. It sends a message to investors that you’re serious about your firm.


Lawyers and administrators recognize that when a company is starting out, an agreement between the founders is a good way to gauge how things are going.


If conditions alter somewhat later, it’s not a big deal. You can add methods for making suitable changes and updates in this document. However, it’s the ideal setting for you and your co-founders to consider any potential issues you or your company might face, as well as future answers.

Our Founders Agreement Service Framework For Future Operation


Our founders’ agreement services provide a structure for how your co-founder partnerships will operate in the future, as well as the nature of your firm and what each owner brings to the table. It is critical, regardless of the type of corporate entity you have.


In most cases, this document is optional, however, we do not recommend running a business without one. It’s your insurance policy against the unexpected and the never-happening I-hope-this scenarios. Don’t damage yourself down the road by missing an essential move upfront. “Drafting a founder’s agreement as soon as you frame it becomes a true company plan is the most satisfying part of the process.” And it’s better late than never if you’ve already passed that stage. You can’t anticipate the future, but you can control the present.

FAQ For Founders Agreement  Service in Bangladesh

1. What should be included in a Founder’s Agreement?

A founders’ agreement should include the following:

  1. The Business and the Co-Founders’ Names The founders and the company for which the rules are being agreed upon are named in the agreement.
  2. Company Objectives
  3. The Roles and Responsibilities of Each Owner
  4. Equity Decomposition.
  5. Vesting Timetable
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Exit Clauses
  8.  Locate a template

2. What percentage of your company does Founder Institute own?

What makes the Equity Collective 4%? The Founder Institute looked at a variety of equity programs and determined that 4 percent was the smallest amount of equity that could still provide reasonable value to the collective.

3. What percentage of a company's equity do startup advisors receive?

Depending on the stage of the startup and the nature of the advice provided, an advisor may receive 0.25 percent to 1 percent of the company’s stock. There are ways to structure such compensation so that founders receive fair compensation for their shares while still having the option to replace advisors without losing equity.

4. What is the significance of founder's agreements?

If you’re starting a business, having a founder’s agreement in place is essential. A founders’ agreement lays out the rules for business ownership and governs the relationship between the founders. These help to significantly reduce business risks, putting your startup on the fast track to success.

5. How do you safeguard the equity of the founders?

Keeping Your Founder Equity Safe

  1. Consult your lawyer.
  2. Consider vesting your founder stock.
  3. Keep it clean: make sure you’re using the right agreements.
  4. Be cautious when discussing equity.
  5. Understand the option grant process.

6. How long does Network BD's Founder Institute program last?

A 4 month period. We offer a tried-and-true procedure. Our service has developed a structured, four-month Core Program that has been shown to assist pre-seed entrepreneurs in gaining traction, obtaining funding, or taking their business to the next level.

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