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Get Unlimited Shareholders With Our Limited Partnerships

NetworkBD can assist you with forming a limited partnership (LP) and registering it with the state. Simply describe your business goals and submit some basic company information, and we’ll complete and return your papers once the formation has been approved. Partnerships have both general and limited partners and are a legal form of business organization. The general partners of a partnership are liable for its debts in full. Partners in a limited partnership are only responsible for the debts and obligations incurred by their initial investment.


The guide explains what a limited partnership is, and how it can be created. This article explains why limited partnerships must be registered with Companies House, as well as how you can do it. It also provides tax information on limited partnerships.

Limited Partnership

How Do Partnerships Work?

Limited partnerships must have at least one general partner who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company. A person or a legal body, such as a corporation, can be the general partner. Because general partners make business choices, they are completely accountable for any lawsuits or debts the company incurs.


There must be at least one limited partner in a limited partnership. Limited partners engage in a company for a profit share, but they are otherwise passive proprietors. The partnership’s liability is limited to the amount of money it put into it.


For tax purposes, limited partnerships are pass-through entities. To put it another way, the business’s income tax is passed on to the partners individually. Individuals pay income taxes based on their distributive share of the business, just like in other types of partnerships.

NetworkBD Helps To Identify Differences Between General Partners & Limited Partners

A general or limited partner can be an individual or a legal entity in a limited partnership. You cannot be both a general and a limited partner at the same time.


If you are a limited partner, your obligations and debts will differ, depending on the type of partnership you have. All general partners are responsible for all debts and obligations of the partnership. The limited partners are only liable for the debts or obligations they put into the business.


As limited partners are protected by law from incurring more debt, they are not allowed to:


  1. Contribute to the partnership as long as it exists
  2. Business management or control
  3. They have the power to make binding decisions on behalf of the company


The protection of a limited partner will be lost if they remove any of their original contribution. If they receive an amount from the partnership, they will be liable for debt or obligations up to this amount. When a limited partner manages the business for a period of time, they will also be responsible for any debts or obligations incurred during this time.


Companies House must be notified of a limited partnership.

Stress-Freely Set Up a Limited Partnership With NetworkBD

According to the Limited Partnership Act 1907, a limited partnership must be registered.


Complete the Limited Partnership Registration form – LP5 – have it signed by all partners and return it to the Registrar of Companies. A limited partnership will become official after the form is accepted and registered.


The limited partnership registration form LP5 can be downloaded from the Companies House website (PDF, 244K).


Include the following information:


  1. Name and appropriate ending – for example, ‘Limited Partnership’ or ‘LP’
  2. Business nature
  3. Address of the business
  4. The full names of each partner – with a separate list for general and limited partners
  5. If applicable, the length of the partnership
  6. Description of each limited partner and a statement that the partnership is limited
  7. Contribution amounts and forms for each limited partner


A certificate of registration will be issued to the company if all the particulars are submitted correctly. It is not possible to register a limited partnership located overseas. Business addresses must be in an area of the UK where the principal place of business is located.

Managing The Tax Responsibilities Of a Limited Partnership

Companies House notifies HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) once the limited partnership is registered. When HMRC receives the notification, it starts setting up the right tax records for the partnership. HMRC requires each partner in the limited partnership to register separately to set up their own tax records.


On the HMRC website, you will find the form you need to register as a partner


In general, limited partnerships are taxed like general partnerships. A limited partnership shares profits among its members just like a general partnership. Taxes on income and gains are paid by the individual members, not the limited partnership.


Limited partnerships are not subject to Corporation Tax, unlike limited companies. Each year, the nominated partner must complete a Self Assessment tax return for the partnership. Members of the partnership will need to show their share of profits on their own tax returns.

NetworkBD Also Helps To Dissolution of a Limited Partnership

A limited partnership can be dissolved for any number of reasons, including financial considerations, business goals, or personal disagreements. Limited partners are responsible for dissolving their limited partnerships, unless a court rules differently.


The following circumstances do not allow the dissolution of a limited partnership:


  1. Unless there is a previous agreement between the partners, a limited partner gives notice
  2. If there is no prior agreement between the partners, a limited partner may offer his share as security for a debt
  3. If a limited partner dies or files for bankruptcy
  4. It is not considered ‘unsound’ to consider a limited partner unsound, unless their share cannot be determined

Core Advantage Of Limited Partnership

The following are some of the benefits of limited partnerships:


1. Potential for investment:


These partnerships can create capital investments by adding new limited partners. General partners, for example, can raise funds for a business venture from friends or family without relinquishing control of the company.


2. Taxation on income that is passed through to the next generation:


In a limited partnership, income is not taxed at the business level. Instead, business income and losses are passed on to partners so that they can declare them on their personal tax returns.


3. The general partner has complete control:


General partners maintain entire management control of their business.


4. Protection of personal assets for limited partners:


A limited partnership’s structure protects limited participants up to the value of their investment.

FAQ For Limited Partnership

Has a limited partnership operating agreement been filed with NetworkBD?

 No. A limited partnership maintains its contract.

What is the difference between a domestic limited partnership and a foreign limited partnership?

 An internal limited partnership is organized under the NetworkBD Act while a foreign limited partnership is organized under the law of another state which may be another state or a country outside Bangladesh.

If my certificate or registration is revoked, do I need to file for revocation?

 NetworkBD cannot accept documents for filing if the partnership partnership certificate or registration is revoked. To restore the certificate or registration you need to file the required documents along with the required fee and then file the cancellation.

What if I drop an annual report form in a mail drop on?

Late filing fees are required. The NetworkBD Annual Reporting Rules specifically state that a report received after the required date must bear a postmark date on or before the date required to be accepted without a late filing fee.

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