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Bangladesh Companies Act Is More Perfect For Doing Successful Business

NetworkBD as a consulting firm offers in-depth knowledge about Bangladesh companies act. Bangladesh is renowned in the business world for making doing business easier. A recent study shows that Bangladesh is an attractive location for starting a business. Among the factors contributing to the success of the Bangladesh Companies Act, which was updated to reflect worldwide business standards and make sensible adjustments to make the company’s operation smooth, can be attributed.

Bangladesh Companies Act

Bangladesh Companies Act -Know More With NetworkBD Consulting Services

The company refers to a company that is created and registered under the Bangladesh Companies Act that is already in existence, according to Section 2 (1) (c) of the Companies Act, 1994.


Thus, a corporation is a group of people who come together under the Bangladesh Companies Act of 1994 to pursue a shared goal. Even though corporations are legally recognized as entities, they also have the same rights and responsibilities as individuals.


In 1844, the British Companies Act established the basis for the Joint Stock Companies Act of 1850, which was the first company law on the subcontinent. This act was based on the idea of “infinite liability.” In 1857, the Joint Stock Companies Statute of 1850 was amended to replace the term “unlimited liability” with “limited liability,” and the act was renamed The Companies Act of 1857. To reflect the rise of trade and commerce in the subcontinent, amendments to the 1857 Companies Act were made in 1860, 1866, 1882, 1887, 1891, 1895, 1900, and 1908. In 1913, the Indian Companies Act was updated and replaced with the English Companies Act of 1908.

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Entrepreneurs do not need to be concerned about forming a business in Bangladesh. Setting up a business in Bangladesh, which ranks first on the Ease of Doing Business Index, requires some knowledge from the outset. Businesses have the right to understand the entire process, including the requirements of the Bangladesh Companies Act, as a result of this. Other statutes, such as the Insurance Act, Banking Act, Limited Liability Partnership Act, and Securities and Futures Act, give special protection for specific businesses. Bangladesh wants you to enjoy doing business with them right away. A business organization with more than twenty members must register as a corporation under the Act. Specific professional services, such as a law firm or an accounting firm, are not covered by this section of the Act.

Bangladesh Companies Act Makes Business Easier

A total of 14 sections of the aforementioned amendment law have been altered, according to sections 2 to 15. When it comes to these 14 amendments, there are essentially two factors to consider.


The first is that under the Companies Act, the requirement to use a common seal / common seal / official seal has been removed. In this regard, the usage of the common seal has been removed in sections 2, 24, 31, 48, 6, 69, 65, 206, 225, 262, 346, and 373 by modifying some elements relating to the seal.


The second is that the Company may allow in writing any individual in general or in any specific case to execute documents on its behalf as its attorney wherever in or outside Bangladesh, and it will be acceptable for the company to sign any attorney document. In this regard, sections 126 and 129 have been replaced.


The new section 127 indicates that the Company may authorize any individual to execute the document on his behalf in writing, in general, or in specific cases, anywhere in or outside Bangladesh and that the document is effective if the attorney signs it on behalf of the company. And the Company will be bound by it.


If any of a business’s responsibilities must be performed outside Bangladesh and the company is empowered by its constitution in any region outside Bangladesh, the new section 129 states that the company may delegate power to any person outside Bangladesh in accordance with the company’s objectives. If the deed specifies a time for assigning power to the representative, for this reason, the power of the representative will remain in effect until the person dealing with the representative withdraws the power of the representative or gives notice of termination.

10 Key Points Of Companies Act: Amendments for the Better Results

1. For the first time, the responsibilities of company directors were defined. This covered directors’ responsibility to their shareholders, staff, and the environment.


2. If requested, companies will be able to connect with shareholders using electronic methods.


3. Although you can continue to use a secretary if necessary, the position of corporate secretary is now optional. With just one director in place, you can now start a limited corporation.


4. If necessary, directors might establish a service address that conceals their residential address. You have the option of providing a service address at the time of incorporation or updating an existing director’s information to include a service address.


5. New model Articles of Association are now available for incorporation. When starting a business, all firms must adopt Articles of Association and a Memorandum of Association.


6. The rules for naming companies have been modified. A firm can register a name that is the “same” as an existing one in certain conditions, as long as both companies are owned by the same group.


7. For all limited firms, the filing deadlines for the delivery of company accounts have been shortened from 10 to 9 months.


8. Limited corporations are no longer required to have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) unless they choose to, but the Act ensures that shareholders are still involved in decision-making.


9. The laws governing share capital have been streamlined to make them more relevant to the majority of businesses.


10. Shareholders who are nominated will have more rights (including the right to receive company information electronically).

FAQs For Bangladesh Companies Act

What is the company law in Bangladesh?

 In 1857, a law was passed to incorporate and regulate joint stock companies and other associations with or without the limited liability of members. But limited liability benefits under this Act are not extended to companies formed for banking or insurance purposes.

How does company law affect business?

 All companies must adopt articles and a memorandum of association when forming a company. Limited companies no longer have to hold Annual General Meetings unless they decide to do so, but the law ensures that shareholders will still be involved in making decisions.

How can a private company become a public company in Bangladesh?

 If you want to be a listed company, you need to be listed on a stock exchange and get listing permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission. If the paid up capital of your company is more than 50 crores, it is mandatory to be a listed company and issue shares to the public.

How does company law affect a business?

Firstly, the law introduces new rights for shareholders to take action against their company’s directors for violating their obligations to the company. Secondly, companies need to prepare and publish a business review as part of their annual accounts and reports.

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