Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota In Bangladesh

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Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota In Bangladesh

The goal of this guide to Calculate Foreign Worker Quota is to give you an overview of the various work permit schemes available in Bangladesh for international workers. Moreover, we are providing the perfect guide to calculate the foreign worker quota with expert advice.

Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota In Bangladesh

Learn About Our Perfect Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

Calculate foreign worker quota for a company is determined by MOM based on the company’s CPF account. The employer’s contribution represents the local employees involved in the company activity.


One headcount for the local workforce is one full-time local worker working for a calendar month or two part-time local workers. Contributions over a three-month period are taken into consideration after eliminating the current and preceding months for the purposes of fair computing and accounting for minor variations.

Existing Statistics On How To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

The government agencies of Bangladesh have no proper statistics on the number of calculate foreign worker quota working currently. However, various NGOs estimated that the number might be around half a million. As a result, more than $5 billion in remittance goes out of the country.


According to private-sector sources, Bangladesh’s textile, telecommunications, information technology, poultry, and poultry feed industries employ a high number of foreign specialists. In addition, many of them are working without a license.

New Rules & Regulations Of Foreign Worker Quota

Calculate Foreign worker quota operating in commercial businesses in Bangladesh have been given a five-year limit by the Bangladesh Board of Investigation. The country needs to create more jobs for residents.


This decision was made after a task team discovered that a number of foreign workers in Bangladesh misrepresented their true earnings in order to avoid paying income taxes. Foreigners working in diplomatic or other non-commercial positions, however, will be exempt from the limitation.

How We Do This Legally?

After calculate foreign worker quota of  the entire local manpower using the formula, the maximum number of foreign employees will be determined. 

Maximum number of foreign workers = (DRC % x local manpower) / (100% -DRC%)


According to current regulations, a company must hire five locals for every foreign worker hired.


Therefore, multinational corporations primarily recruit foreign nationals for mid-level management, leaving many eligible local candidates out of job.


This is why Bangladesh Investment Development Authority has proposed legislation mandating the foreign worker hiring ratio for every level of the job. Therefore, the ratio is maintained when hired for low-level jobs.


However, When it comes to hiring workers in the manufacturing industry, every calculate foreign worker quota hired must be accompanied by ten local workers. Moreover, foreign workers can make up a bit more than 9% of overall staff at educational institutions, for example.

FAQs For Guide To Calculate Foreign Worker Quota

How many foreign workers can I hire?

First and foremost, it is contingent upon the number of full-time local employees you have. Second, you must pay a monthly charge for each calculate foreign worker quota you employ, which is divided into three tiers.

The levy tier you pay is determined by the number of foreign workers you employ; the greater the tax, the closer you are to the maximum quota.

How much does your guide to calculate foreign worker quota cost?

We offer a flat rate on our services for client comfort. However, the prices can be altered if required. Therefore, contact us for a detailed discussion.

Why is it important to calculate foreign worker quota?

If your business intends to hire foreign workers next year, you must submit a quota request by October 1 of the current year. According to recent practice, work permits are issued and extended in accordance with the quantity of positions mentioned by an employer in the application.

When is it required to renew foreign workers permit?

The application for a work permit extension, including with all supporting documentation, must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days before the work permit expires.

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