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Effective Guide to Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service (FWTES)

Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service (FWTES) allows you to find out how many foreign workers are residing in HDB flats or PRPs (Private Residential Premises) in Bangladesh. The Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service (FWTES) is a new eService that replaces the paper declaration forms that homeowners submit to remove the names of work permit holders who have previously stayed at their homes.¬†Other occupiers or renters (e.g. local tenants or homeowners’ family members) staying at the premises are not included in the FWTES database. Our Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service’s Purpose Is To Ensure The Highest Security For Our Clients. An FWTES will enable employers to see how many work pass holders reside in HDB or PRP premises in Bangladesh.

Guide to Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service

Legal Requirements For FWTES

If you do not already have a CorpPass account, you will need one in order to use the FWTES. You need to sign in to your CorpPass account and go to your assigned eServices tab if you already have an account. You should be able to see the Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry option here as one of your assigned options.


You will need to have your CorpPass admin or sub-admin assign you this eService if you are unable to view it.

Vital Information About the Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry System (FWTES)

Those Bangladeshi homeowners who no longer reside in their HDB flats or PRPs may remove foreign worker tenant enquiry from their residence. Those who own property in PRPs will be able to discover who is renting their property through it. They will be able to easily remove the names of foreigners who are no longer residing on the premises.


Through the FWTES, homeowners will also be able to keep tabs on whether their address has been used fraudulently. If affected, the homeowner should notify the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Bangladesh directly. The Ministry will investigate each case.


Each report received from affected homeowners is investigated by MOM. If a false statement is made, MOM takes immediate steps to enforce the law. Those employers who mistakenly declare the addresses of their foreign workers could be fined up to $20,000 or jailed for 2 years or both. Foreign nationals cannot be hired by these employers in the future as well.


The foreign workers who have been found guilty of falsely declaring their addresses, on the other hand, will be sent back home and won’t be able to work in Bangladesh anymore.

NetworkBD Ensure The 7 Critical Solutions for Foreign Workers While Living in Housing

1. Finding a rental that is both affordable and of acceptable quality is difficult.


2. Finding a good real estate agent is difficult. Additionally, agent service is costly.


3. Participants have a lot on their minds, making it even more difficult to find a place to live. For example, they must consider whether the living environment is safe. Also, because those who have only been in Bangladesh for a short time (less than two years) cannot drive or own a car, the location must be convenient, such as close to a public transportation station.


4. Participants are unaware of the laws governing tenants and house rules.


5. They don’t know who to contact if they have a problem or have a question, such as about repairs. Some ethnic communities (e.g., Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) assist members of their own community with housing, while others do not (e.g. Italian).


6. However, some participants stated that they would like to live and share a house with people from outside their immediate circles because they would be able to practice their Bangladeshi and learn more about other cultures. The issue is that it is difficult for those who have only recently arrived in Bangladesh to meet people outside of their immediate circles.


7. A request to rent a place by a Temporary Foreign Worker may be denied because the landlord prefers tenants from specific ethnic groups. Participants agreed that if the landlord stated that only females are permitted, this is acceptable. However, if he or she stated that only certain ethnic groups are discriminated against, this is discrimination.

Choose NetworkBD For Secure Foreign Employee Renter Queries

Your foreign worker tenant enquiry can live in a variety of housing options, each with its own set of requirements. To ensure that these requirements are met, employers must conduct due diligence. Employers who fail to do so may face legal action and be barred from hiring foreign workers. Employers can benefit from Network BD in this regard.

FAQs For Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry

Can foreign workers stay in private property?

All of the personnel are foreigners. An occupancy cap of 6 unrelated people per property applies to all types of private residential properties. Anyone who is not a member of the same family unit is referred to as an unrelated person. Tenants who sublet the property are likewise subject to the occupancy cap.

Are foreign workers allowed to take public transport?

Non-site based employees working in corporate headquarters are permitted to use public transportation. Can an S-Pass holder who lives in a non-dormitory, such as a HDB or a private residence, travel in the same car as his roommates who have work permits?

How can I check my tenant record?

You can obtain a copy of your Experian Rent Bureau report by completing and mailing a request form.

What is a tenant screening report?

After a prospective renter has applied for a rental, a tenant screening report looks into their financial and rental history. This involves checking the tenant’s credit, eviction, and criminal records to ensure that the landlord is confident in the renter’s capacity to pay rent and satisfy all tenant obligations.

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