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Make Your Dream True With Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh

Our purpose is to assist you in realizing your dream of becoming a citizen of Bangladesh. Not only can you realize your dream, but Italian dual citizenship also comes with a slew of advantages: you can live and work legally in Bangladesh, just like any other Italian citizen, or you can choose to live and work legally anywhere in the world, taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it, such as health care, low-cost education, and so on. Our years of experience enable us to assist you with all of your requirements during the dual citizenship process.

Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh

Core Procedure To Get Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh

  1. If the applicant is a person temporarily residing in Bangladesh, the application must be sent directly to the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Bangladeshi government for dual citizenship.
  2. If the applicant lives in another country, the application should be sent to that country’s Bangladesh diplomatic mission or consulate.
  3. If a Bangladesh Mission or Consulate does not exist in the applicant’s home country, the application may be sent to the Bangladesh Mission or Consulate in the country closest to the applicant’s home country.

You Need The Following Documents To Get Dual Citizenship Legally

  1. Affidavit attesting to the veracity of the statements contained in the application, signed before the Minister, Counselor, First Secretary, Notary Public, or other officials of equivalent status at the Bangladesh Embassy.
  2. If any, documentary documentation of remittances to Bangladesh over the last three years.
  3. Copy of foreign passport and citizenship or naturalization certificate, as well as any declarations of assets (movable or immovable) in Bangladesh.
  4. If the applicant does not have any assets in his or her name, a statement of the parent’s assets should be provided.
  5. Statement of activity for the previous five years (service, education, business, etc.) since leaving Bangladesh (Please see page 4). If necessary, please use a separate sheet.
  6. 4-color passport photos taken recently.
  7. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate is required.
  8. In the case of a child born in another country, a copy of the parent’s Bangladesh passport or a dual citizenship certificate is required.
  9. Bangladesh passport photocopy.

4 Ways to Become A Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh

01. Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh By Birth

Dual Citizenship is automatically granted to anyone born to at least one Bangladeshi parent. Also, citizenship is acquired by birth for those born in Bangladesh to parents whose identity and/or nationality are unknown, as the child is assumed to be born to Bangladeshi nationals.

02. Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh By Naturalization

Naturalization can be granted categorically or by depriving people of certain rights and benefits. Those who meet the following criteria, however, can apply for naturalization:


Must have lived in Bangladesh for at least 5 years (2 years if married to a Bangladeshi) and for at least 12 months.

  1. Be of good character.
  2. Be proficient in Bengali.
  3. Intend to stay in Bangladesh.


Those who become Bangladeshi nationals must relinquish all other citizenships. The spouse and children of a naturalized foreigner may seek citizenship after the foreigner has taken the oath.

03. Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh By Marriage

Those who marry a Bangladeshi citizen can petition for dual citizenship after living in the country for at least two years.

04. Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh By Investment

Applicants for dual citizenship in Bangladesh must invest $5,000,000.00 (US) in an industrial or commercial project or transfer $1,000,000.00 to any authorized financial institution in Bangladesh. This sum is non-recoverable. Moreover, permanent residency can also be obtained by investing $75,000.00 in Bangladesh.

How NetworkBD Helps You?

Begin with a complimentary phone consultation! We offer a complimentary preliminary consultation with a Bangladeshi dual citizenship specialist (fluent in English) to address all of your queries in a clear and simple manner. The useful information you will receive will enable you to determine if you qualify for Italian citizenship and to proceed with clarity and confidence through the application procedure, allowing you to better decide which service you require. Following the introductory call, you can arrange a live consultation through Zoom. CONTACT US to set up your introductory consultation. Our initial phone/zoom consultations are both free and obligation-free.


Our goal is to help you and your family achieve your ambition of becoming Bangladeshi citizens. We at NetworkBD recognize that the procedure is not easy because it involves a significant amount of time and effort, but we are here to help you from start to finish. We can tell you that becoming a Bangladeshi citizen comes with a lot of advantages and perks.

FAQs For Dual Citizenship In Bangladesh

Why should I apply for a second citizenship?

A second citizenship can help you solve multiple issues at once by giving you easier access to a stable, safe, and successful economy, additional business prospects and global markets, world-class healthcare, and educational options for current and future generations.

You should not be limited by your natal nationality or immigrant status. Through any of our Dual Citizenship or Residency by Investment programs, you can become a global citizen and discover the personal freedom, security, and prosperity that await you and your loved ones.

How much does your dual citizenship in Bangladesh service cost?

We offer a flat rate on our services for client comfort. However, the prices can be altered if required. Therefore, contact us for a detailed discussion.

How will my family benefit from a second citizenship?

Because the importance of family is ingrained in our values and principles, delivering the finest solutions for families is our primary goal when advising on a program.

The second citizenship program encourages you to pass your citizenship down to future generations, ensuring that they have a secure future. Citizenship in a stable economy and political environment gives you access to world-class healthcare and social services.

Furthermore, having access to elite educational possibilities helps your children to receive a high-quality education while also developing relationships with the world’s most important business hubs.

Am I eligible for dual citizenship in Bangladesh?

Each country has its own set of conditions that an applicant must achieve in order to be considered for citizenship or residence by investment. Being over the age of 18, having a clean criminal record, having a legal source of cash, and investing in one of the government-approved choices are some of the most typical requirements.

Some of the requirements of citizenship and residence by investment programs overlap with those of immigration by investment programs, although most include extra business-related requirements to be qualified to apply.

We Assist You & Your Family In Realizing Your Dream To Become Bangladesh Citizen

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